Beast-Mode DOMINATION of Dangerous Psycho Cops Who Draw Their Weapons


Oct 16, 2019

Two Shelby County deputies threaten an open carry activist with arrest after he refused to allow them to INFRINGE on his right to be armed. How this 2nd Amendment ROCKSTAR stood up to tyranny in the face of danger, is truly refreshing and inspiring. Here’s the full video. (let ’em know HighImpactVlogs sent ya)…

4 thoughts on “Beast-Mode DOMINATION of Dangerous Psycho Cops Who Draw Their Weapons

  1. Commentator talks about upholding the constitution? NOPE SORRY WRONG! Uphold the Bill of Rights. See what I mean people? This clown knows EXACTLY what he is saying, because if he says uphold Bill of Rights, his store loses money. Now, we can sit here and argue this point until Bernie Sanders drops dead right? But in the mean time, the constitution had NOTHING TO DO with what is going on here.

    Carnival barking at its finest…. you say unpopular words and common sense phrases, your popsicle stand looses money.

    Bill of Rights, Bill of Rights, Bill of Rights Clyde. GET IT?

    This carnival Barker needs to game the fk up, he wants to talk about civil liberties why aren’t you posting on this (OUR) site? What are you scared about you coward? Loosing your mammon? Either your the FK in or your the FK out. Which is it Clyde?


    Used car salesman….

    Yeah, the kid is awesome no doubt, now what?

  2. A classic example of “barking up the wrong tree”. Bark, sure, why not if it is truth, but if you mis-identify or intentionally screw with the wording, then the intent is to mislead, no matter the amount of truth. Good point, Mark, he uses good examples and taints the whole thing by basing his stand on the Constitution when it is exclusive to the Bill of Rights.
    Several years ago, I had the notion that the Constitution was the “final document”, the law, so to speak. Stumbling onto From The Trenches, I soon learned that the Bill of Rights is the new-and-improved Constitution, so to speak, and if followed, the Constitution would have made us more like a monarchy than not. The Anti-Federalist Papers is a fascinating read on the history of how we got to where we are, but the CD’s that are available for FREE really bring the Bill of Rights into focus. I tried making copies, but iTunes won’t let me. I must get more.
    Thanks Mark.

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