15 thoughts on “Been deathly sick all day

  1. While older folks like you and I see these things as not natural the next generations wont. If you want to see how nefarious the programming is to accept chemtrails as natural rent the Disney movie ‘Planes’ and see what the clouds look like in this kid’s movie.
    Have I offended someone?

    1. I watch movies made back in the 70s and can plainly see the chemtrails……so kids today have no clue as most of their parents don’t either……no one looks up

    2. You’re absolutely right about the intentional planting of visual imagery in the media, uninformedluddite, and it is horribly nefarious as attempting to conceal it only proves just how lethal it is. I hope you offended the feds, hasbara, and any other enemies of the Republic, but none here! 😉

  2. They have been spraying the hell out of us here for the last 2 days…..I stay inside as much as possible….taking my D3…hope you get better soon Paul

  3. Well now I know why we have no jokes today.

    Rest up and get better, Paul. If you’re not feeling better tomorrow, sweat it out in a hot sauna for a few hours, and then guzzle a pint of vodka. You’ll be right as rain in time for Thanksgiving.

  4. Here in Northwest NJ, the sky is criss-crossed with bands of [God knows what] which drifts to the east, only to be followed by more jet emissions. I am noticing the emergence of ecxema on my face and neck which I attribute to exposure to these toxic clouds. The US Air Force has obviously declared war on the American people. How should we respond to this assault? Writing to our ‘elected’ officials will bring nothing but a referral to DHS. What can we do?

  5. Down here in sub-tropical , banana republic south la. , the enemy was hard at it spraying the pretty blue sky silver ! I think , maybe seeding rain clouds for another flooding , w/ other negative effects ! What does not kill me , only makes me stronger !!!

  6. Paul,

    Take care of yourself. Rest and stay hydrated. Turkey soup is full of good enzymes that will help your body’s healing powers. Thanks for all you do.

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