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Berkeley Co. deputies release dash cam video in fatal motorcycle pursuit

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The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office released dash cam video of a high-speed chase that ended with the death of a motorcyclist Wednesday night.

The motorcyclist, Robert Lee Clark, Jr., 30, of Goose Creek, was declared dead at the scene, authorities said.

A deputy on patrol on College Park Road at approximately 11:51 p.m. Wednesday spotted a motorcycle speeding toward Crowfield Boulevard from the direction of I-26, according to Chief Deputy Mike Cochran.  

Deputies say the motorcycle was traveling approximately 66 mph in a posted 45 mph zone.

The motorcyclist sped up and refused to stop when the deputy turned on his blue lights, a release from the sheriff’s office states.

Speeds in the ensuing chase reached up to 111 mph at times with the motorcyclist slamming on the breaks and then speeding away several times.

Cochran said the pursuit continued up College Park Road, then onto Highway 17A and then West 1st Street in Summerville, covering a total of approximately 7.75 miles over five-and-a-half minutes.

At the end of the pursuit, the motorcyclist applied the brakes sharply and the motorcycle slowed rapidly, then swerved to the right in an apparent attempt to go around a vehicle that had yielded for blue lights, the release states.

When the motorcyclist attempted to accelerate away, the operator appears to have missed a gear while the motorcycle continued to slow, causing contact between the motorcycle and the front right corner of the deputy’s vehicle, Cochran said. This caused the motorcyclist to lose control and strike the curb between the vehicle that had yielded and the sidewalk.

Video released by the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office on its YouTube channel shows the entire incident including the fatal crash. That video is graphic and may be very disturbing.

The deputy involved has been placed on administrative leave pending an administrative review, Cochran said.

The Highway Patrol is investigating the crash and the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an internal investigation parallel to the SCHP investigation.

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4 Responses to Berkeley Co. deputies release dash cam video in fatal motorcycle pursuit

  1. Bill in IL says:

    Wow, more pig thuggery! First of all, was it necessary to kill this dude for going 21 mph over their arbitrary limit? No, I think not. Second, what kind of inhuman pig thug pulls the Pittman maneuver on a motorcycle? Piggie had the license plate, he could have stopped by the dude’s house later. But no, piggie says you WILL respect my authority or I will kill you!

    The biker though was kinda dumb too, who thinks they can out – run a pig car on a Harley? He needed a crotch rocket for that job.

  2. Cal says:

    One, it looks like he bumped the motorcycle at or about 5:22 (Precision Immobilization Technique – a pursuit tactic by which a pursuing car can force a fleeing CAR – not motorcycle – to abruptly turn sideways, causing the driver to lose control and stop), and
    Second, why was he tailgating the motorcycle at speeds of around 88 MPH near the end anyway, ran out of patience so was willing to kill him?

    There was no real reason to do that since he could have continued to follow the rider until he stopped except impatience. I feel that it was murder by cop.

  3. Enemy of the State says:

    who in their right mind wants to stop for the murderers these days?

    yer taking a hell of a chance stopping,, way more of a chance than running at least now a days

    how many videos and reports have we all read that when the cop finally pulls over someone for a simple infraction that ends up with the perused person shot , or shot dead

    yeah were running from you because we did wrong .. shut the F up!.. were running because a tail light out, or a dim bulb or 12 over isn’t grounds to have my ass beat or shot

    lesson to bikers.. HD’s top out at just over 100,, not a nimble bike no less.. cant ride them like a crotch rocket , maybe stand and fight?

  4. KIASER SOZE says:

    FCKN cop killed that guy by ramming the bike—it’s obvious. and the article is giving the cop cover, by lying for him. you don’t pull a pit maneuver on a motorcycle, it’s an automatic accident if not death sentence for the motorcyclist…

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