Betty Crocker Launches ‘Family Project’ to Force LGBT Values


Time was, the Betty Crocker brand was the very definition of family values. All their ads featured pretty, efficient women working in the kitchen, producing fabulous meals and desserts for their adoring husband and children. Well, times have changed and so has Betty. Betty is now a lesbian with a life partner making rainbow cakes for sodomite marriage ceremonies.

A recent write-up in Advertising Age magazine read “Betty Crocker’s Newest Recipe: How to Support Gay Marriage“, and had this to say:  

The General Mills-owned brand began winning attention for the cause in August of last year by providing cakes to same-sex couples who got married in Minnesota after the state legalized gay married. Now Betty is following up on that high-profile gesture by donating cakes to couples marrying during the Twin Cities Pride event this weekend,which celebrates LGBT equality with a parade and festival in Minneapolis, which is where General Mills is headquartered.

Meanwhile, a General Mills-backed LGBT employee group called “Betty’s Family” will have a float at the parade and the company has invited several married gay couples to march alongside. Lucky Charms, also owned by General Mills, is also expected to have a presence.

Betty Crocker has launched a website called ‘The Families Project‘ which attempts to make gay married couples appear normal. Heather’s two mommies bake cupcakes while the world goes to Hell.


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