Biden’s vax mandate could collapse trucking supply lines, leading to instant shortages of food, fuel and medicines

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The Joe Biden regime continues to threaten the health, livelihood and freedom of Americans. Biden’s seditious vaccine mandates could collapse the trucking industry and threaten supply lines across the Nation. Approximately 3.5 million truckers have been traveling the nation since the beginning of the covid-19 scandal, shipping valuable food, construction, agricultural and medical supplies. Just a year ago, these men and women were lauded as “essential workers” and praised for all that they do. Today, the Biden regime is threatening to put hundreds of thousands of truckers out of work, as the federal government prepares a coercive vaccine mandate on their bodies.

Will OSHA be converted to a Marxist organization and be weaponized against Americans?

If the Biden regime gets its way, they will force the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to create sweeping new medical edicts that require truck drivers, along with the overwhelming majority of American employees, to get COVID-19 injections or face stiff penalties.

Small trucking companies (ones that run 1,000 or fewer trucks) may buckle under all the new OSHA and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations which only discriminate against and push out reliable employees. These companies operate under small margins and cannot afford to have trucks sitting idle. Many truckers won’t comply if covid-19 vaccines become a requirement to pass a physical medical exam every two years. The Department of Transportation already requires that truckers take tests for diabetes and hypertension. The Department mandates prescription drugs and yearly checkups if truckers do not pass the tests.

These truck drivers don’t want the government to dictate any more of their medical decisions, especially if the medical intervention is needless and puts their health at risk. They may have moral objections to the technology. They may have a medical history of vaccine injury. They might be at low risk to the advertised infection and may already have natural immunity — a scientific reality that is ignored by vaccine mandates.

The U.S. economy is being sabotaged, as Marxists force Americans to surrender their basic body autonomy rights

It appears that the Biden regime is already preparing the National Guard to take over many of the jobs that he is taking away from everyday Americans. If the regime is successful at eliminating truckers, trucking and supply lines may soon be controlled by the military, as shortages, item limits and food lines become commonplace across American cities.

For more than a year, the country has been sabotaged by a fraudulent covid-19 testing program that is used to lock people in their homes, to surveil people’s lives through contact tracing, and to deprive individuals of their rights. These fraudulent testing programs have repeatedly shuttered entire businesses and industries over a single case of illness, an “exposure,” or a fraudulent test result. This sabotage was carried out in the name of “safety” as more people acquiesced to mental fragility — living in a constant state of seeking permission and expecting disease.

For much of 2020 and 2021, the U.S. Treasury was used to implement Marxist plans. Americans were paid large sums of money to stay on unemployment. For much of 2020, businesses had a hard time paying people. Now these federal unemployment programs are coming to an end, as the federal government threatens to discriminate against millions of people and force them onto unemployment. The next time Joe Biden brags about “creating jobs” – remember how his regime paid people not to work and forced millions of innocent Americans to be fired without pay.

Joe Biden’s forceful medical edicts and vaccine mandates are not rooted in statutory law, let alone Constitutional law. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki held a press conference bragging that the vaccine mandates increased vaccine uptake throughout corporate America. Using coercion and treating people like property is not admirable or ethical.

Americans are at a critical juncture, one that will decide the future of the republic. Will the United States remain a nation of laws, governed by the Constitution, or will the nation be overtaken by liars, thieves and murderers, governed by those who seek absolute power and control?

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7 thoughts on “Biden’s vax mandate could collapse trucking supply lines, leading to instant shortages of food, fuel and medicines

  1. First the ships, now the trucks. Gotta get the pantry full. Gotta be armed up. Gotta have my mind right. So many gottas. Gotta fit in a walk today.

    (Aside to myself: Trucks, trucking, truckers… Schumacher, I hope you’re all right.)


      1. I have not brought up what’s going on with Mark Schumacher but I am concerned that something may have happened to him. I really kinda miss the dude.–from a woman who once wanted to be a trucker, but back then womean weren’t exactly enouraged to become truckers.

        1. I talked to Schumacher a couple of weeks ago. He is fine, just not up to coming to Chiloquin to back his smart f-king mouth…yet.
          I don’t care how much anybody likes Schumacher, if he wasn’t such a pathetically weak son of a bitch that worships mammon and talks rudely to the people who serve him in any store, cafe, or gas station, you know, the working people who weren’t raised as rich spoiled children, I would have slapped the piss out of him a long time ago.
          I told him the welcome mat is still out there if he ever gets to feeling up to the task.

          1. Thanks for filling us in, Henry. May the necessary growth come as needed. Mammon has trapped many a man. It holds you up for a while and then crumbles like old foam-rubber that just can’t hold itself together. You laid out what’s necessary; may it be heard.


          2. Yes, thanks, Henry. Did not know he messed with you, mouthwise, or mouthwise with anyone else. Glad you posted what you did, and yes, manly men don’t do those sorts of things!

  2. Thanks Henry… vas wonderin if Mark was surviving. Jobs Can sure f*kin change people in a hurry these days mandates all the f*ckin bs vax cards!!! If I carried one it would be phoney with buck shot holes in it!!!!! If Mark dosent want to be here with us, I agree… Yust go visit chitcago….

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