Big rigs with older engines will be denied registration in California by the year 2020

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The California Air Resources Board recently announced that by the year 2020 trucks will need to meet health-based requirements in order to obtain Department of Motor Vehicles registrations.  

Year 2011 or Newer

In 2020, trucks are required by CARB to be model year 2011 or newer or repowered with a 2010 or newer engine as part of an effort to improve air quality and reduce emissions.  CARB adds, however, that the Truck and Bus Regulation is already in effect, and that the Board can place a DMV regulation block on vehicles now, before the final compliance dates, if they don’t meet current air quality regulations.

Trucks that are not in compliance can be placed on a DMV registration block. California is enforcing all diesel regulations in preparation for new laws taking effect in 2020.


Vehicles exempt from all heavy-duty diesel regulations or have met all requirements will be able to register with the DMV. VIN numbers may be required to ensure vehicles are not accidentally denied registration.

CARB regulations also apply to vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight rating between 14,001 and 26,000 pounds.

Allowable Compliance Option

Affected vehicles may obtain DMV registration if they are using “an allowable compliance option, which must be reported in the Truck Regulation Upload, Compliance and Reporting System,” according to CARB.

For more information about CARB’s truck and bus regulations, visit

6 thoughts on “Big rigs with older engines will be denied registration in California by the year 2020

  1. Trying to force out the owner operator, owner operators are a big competitor for the big operations that have company drivers working for them. Having to buy newer equipment will force out many independents.

    You wanna talk about infringement on Bill of Rights? Well by jingles, your looking at big time infringement here. Forcing the independent out by way of blatant extortion.

    We already have made huge moves towards smog regulations concerning trucking in California, forcing us to modify our older engines to accomadate DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) application, theory being scrubbing the exhaust for cleaner output, costing us thousands of dollars.

    What has it done for California air quality? Let’s just say, not a goddamned thing. We would have been better off by putting Nancy Pelosi’s mouth around the pipe while duck tapeing her yap for a good seal.

    California air has remained as dirty as ever…..

    Now they’re turning up the pressure, this rule so far only applies to California, drivers avoid this shit hole like the plaque.

    1. ‘putting Nancy Pelosi’s mouth around the pipe while duck tapeing her yap for a good seal.’

      great visual… lol

    2. I’m waiting for my State to come and tell me my 1984-359 Pete can no longer operate on the roads
      It’s a peach too , less than 300,000 miles

    3. I have noticed the movement of nys as well towards these types of standards on emissions testing. I am sure they will also soon adopt the same standards that cali has with their new move against older trucks.

      I look at it this way all those great engines from the trucks will be looking for new homes in non emission tested vehicles pre 1970 iirc, rat rods or the racing scene track/ strip.

  2. Sounds like part of the climate change resilient cities program you haven’t heard about. How resilient will you be under this new program? Time will tell. Climate change, resiliency, and adapt are the three buzz words. Think restructuring.

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