Bilderberg Website Taken Over By Anonymous Hackers

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

A group of anonymous hackers has a message for the 120 – 150 “Wealthy Political Elitist 1% Dominant Pricks” that gather each year at the annual conference known as the “Bilderberg Meetings” and they decided to takeover the organization’s website to share that message with the world.

Apparently the hackers, who refer to themselves as the “Hackback Movement,” are fed up with the “1% Richest Dominant Pricks” of the world perpetually exploiting the weak in favor of their own private interests and gave them exactly 1 year to remedy their bad behavior.  

=== Message to the WealthY Elitico-Political 1% RIChEst dominant pricks ===

WoRDs are not enOugh To TeLl you how much we dispiTe you and your dominant behAvior

No HumAns stanD above otheRs and you WIll have to learn IT

Dear Bilderberg mEmBers, From NoW(), each OnE of you have 1 year (365 days) to truly work in faVor of HumaNs and not youR private interests

The message continues on with a threat, very much reminiscent of Project Mayhem, warning that failure to comply with their demands will result in relentless hacking of everything “your expensive connected cars” to “your favorite escort girl’s smartwatch.”

OtHerWIse, we will FinD you and we Will hAck you

MiNd the cuRrent situation: We conTrol your expensive connected cars, we control your connecteD house security devices, we control your daughter laptop, we control your wife’s mobile, we tape YoUR seCret meetings, we reAD your emaiLs, we control your faVoriTe eScort girl smartWatch, we ARe inside your beLoved banks and we Are reading YoUr assets

You wont be safe anywhere near electricty anyMore

We WiLL watch yOu, from NoW on you got to WoRk for Us, Humanity, the People

We suspect those threats are a fair bit less cordial than the world’s “1% Richest Dominant Pricks” are accustomed to.

Here is the full statement posted to Bilderberg’s website:


3 thoughts on “Bilderberg Website Taken Over By Anonymous Hackers

  1. “… gave them exactly 1 year to remedy their bad behavior.”


    THAT’S HARSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😯

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