56 thoughts on “Gettin’ Ready to Drank on Sundy…. Happy New Year!!!!!!

  1. Pizza & beer tonight (beer is a luxury these days… but, it IS New Years, after all). 🙂

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, KOYOTE (and Mrs. (Jill) KOYOTE)!

      1. I don’t generally do 6 packs any more.
        22 oz. bottles of Pyramid Unfiltered Wheat Ale or (currently, since it’s seasonal) Portland Brewing Co. Blackwatch Cream Porter (YUM!)

        They brew some excellent beers right here in OR. 🙂

    1. Same here, #1. Got the dough rising and making the sauce right now.
      Not sure if I’ve got beer or not, but I do know I’ve got rum and cokes.

      1. NICE! 🙂

        I generally don’t care for alcohol with food, BUT… beer & pizza were made for each other. 😉

        1. I just checked the cupboard and found the Shiner Bock Beer, brewed in Shiner TX, not to far from here. So, will do the beer w/ pizza, and the rum and coke later.

          1. I don’t know my beer too well, but I think porters and ales are milder than stouts, of which my favorite is Guinness on tap.

          2. Stouts are the heaviest of beers, but porters are a close second.

            Had the pleasure of drinking Guinness on tap at the Guinness Brewery in Dublin in ’06 (it takes THREE pulls to pour a PROPER pint of Guinness). However, my all-time favorite beer is another Irish brew – Kilkenney’s Irish Cream Ale. I was able to find it in every Irish pub I found on my next vacation in New Zealand & Australia… OUTSTANDING BREW!!!

          3. Shiner Bock! That’s one of my favorites.

            If you like that, you might also want to check out Newcastle Brown Ale. Good stuff…

            EDIT: Katie, it’s brewed in Newcastle, England. No more expensive than Shiner Bock, though.

          4. BMF, I’ll be on the look out for it in my local places. Is it brewed in New Castle, Tx?

            Thanks for the heads up. 🙂

      2. By the way, #1, we watched the version of A Christmas Carol and really enjoyed it, even for being in black and white. Not that I mind black & white, it’s just that I’ve seen the same movie in color and it was lively.
        Thanks for recommending it. 🙂

        1. Most welcome, Katie. 🙂

          I’ve never watched any other version since seeing that one. One of the most outstanding & believable acting performances I’ve ever seen in ANY movie.

          And that one is called ‘Scrooge’,… as opposed to ‘A Christmas Carol’. 🙂

  2. Happy new year, Koyote.

    We know what you’re eating and drinking, but you didn’t tell us what’s in the pipe.


    Closing time, that’s it for me today. No internet tomorrow, either… back Mon.

  4. Happy New Year Trenchers! Having Champagne cocktail made with 1oz. Grand Marnier, 1.5oz. cranberry juice, toped with Champagne. Also some of what KOYOTE has in that pipe.

          1. LOL! Yes, it is a bit dramatic, yet fitting for the drama of possibly going “up in smoke.” 😀

  5. It’s properly marinated prime rib, grilled to perfection, with a bottle vintage wine for this guy tonight. All by myself, I’ll be in good company! Been invited to a couple parties but that ain’t happenin’. For every person you’re happy to see, they’ll be 10 you wish you never saw. Yes, the holidays, almost done, thank God.

  6. OMG, this is SO funny! Now it all makes sense, “go up in smoke.”

    You know I’ve never seen this movie, but have heard of Cheech and Chong lots. This is definitely on my watch list.

    1. Ok Angel, what just went down?

      CHEERS TO YOU. Although I haven’t taken of swig of anything just yet.

      Remember last year on FTT, Wade and Flee were busting me up, hadn’t laughed so hard in a long time.

      It was also the night a toothache was coming on for me, this was not funny.

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