Bill Gates, Jeb Bush, Oprah and Warren Buffett meeting at SC island

Nearly 20 jets parked at Charleston International Airport on Johns Island raised questions... (Source: WCBD)WBTW News

CHARLESTON, SC – Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft and one of the richest people in the world, is spending time in the Lowcountry.

WCBD  confirmed the American business magnate is at the Sanctuary on Kiawah Island.

Suspicion was raised when nearly 20 very expensive jets were seen lined up at the Charleston International Airport on Johns Island.  

Officials with the Beach Company confirmed to WCBD that other big names such as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, TV host Oprah Winfrey and Billionaire Warren Buffet flew into the Charleston Executive airport on Johns Island Wednesday night.

Other prominent people said to also be staying there this weekend are  Jeb Bush and Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The famous guests were attending a two day long conference led by Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Officials say the meeting was about the foundation Gates and his wife Linda run.

The meeting rented out the entire Sanctuary Hotel on the gated island. Security has been high throughout the entire week, keeping the public away from the hotel.

WCBD spoke to the Mayor of Kiawah by phone who said the town is happy to serve as host to the event.

“We wish them luck with what they’re doing,” Mayor Charles Lipuma said. “If they want to play golf, they couldn’t have picked a better weekend. We are glad we could offer them great weather.”

9 thoughts on “Bill Gates, Jeb Bush, Oprah and Warren Buffett meeting at SC island

  1. Not enough time to read the article, but the headline sounds like a porn flick..if so…I PASS! 🙂

      1. I appreciate that I’m in your thoughts Diggerdan, but I think you meant to say Jennifer? Get your women straight dude! 🙂

        Makes me wonder what treason these people are cookin’ up now. This can’t be good for us … maybe for them … but not for us.
        . . .

        1. Hahaha, sorry about that Cathleen 🙂 aw man am I in trouble now. I guess I had a case of brain freeze with these icy cold temps here in Wi. Must have had a cheese head/ senior moment LOL 🙂 Yes I did mean to say Jennifer. Hope you understand Jennifer, I never have been good with names :). Geeze, now I`m self conscious.

  2. Here’s where that Citizen’s United decision by our Supreme Court allows rich a**holes to install whomever in the White House. Can you imagine another Bush as our leader. Bile Bucket recommended!

  3. Anyone else catch Gates’ Freudian slip on 60 minutes yesterday? When responding to a question about his fascination with fertilizer, he said:

    “We couldn’t feed…a few pee…billion people WOULD HAVE TO DIE if we hadn’t come up with fertilizer.”

    Not “we would never be able to sustain our population at its current size” or “people would starve if not for fertilizer.” Nope. Not even the correct tense for his mental genocide (i.e. WOULD HAVE DIED). I find it very telling.

  4. This meeting stinks. Just like Jekyl Island, nothing good will come from this.

    Folks, prepare for the the worst, and prepare for it NOW. These twats are going to kick the killing of Americans in over-drive.

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