When ice floes attack … in May


Just how long and cold of a winter have we had in Minnesota? While the temperatures have finally risen to early-spring levels in the Twin Cities, it’s still cold in Mille Lacs even two weeks into May.  In fact, what little warming they’ve had may have contributed to a bizarre ice attack on lakefront resort homes this weekend. One visitor took video of the stunning glacial flow from a video phone, and the language gets NSFW when the ice hits the houses:  

The Star Tribune has dramatic photos as well. WCCO offered this report on the “ice tsunami”:

Around 9:30 a.m., people watched in disbelief as ice crawled into doors and windows at Izatys Resort. Winds as strong as 40 miles per hour pushed the wall of ice onto the southeastern shorelines. …

The Department of Natural Resources says about ten miles of shoreline are covered in ice, with some mountains of ice as tall as 30 feet.

They’re using heavy equipment to move the ice, which has caused damage to several doors and windows.

Ice was still pushed up against homes Saturday night, and in some cases giant rocks and dirt from the lake were also pushed onto shore. Neighbors told WCCO that it was frightening to watch the ice advance.

Just to remind everyone … this took place on May 11th, not March 11th or February 11th.


4 thoughts on “When ice floes attack … in May

  1. Yep, on this morning news they were showing where some cabins were actually pushed off their foundations because of this ice. Yep, it is getting to be a real long cold spring. Some of the lakes in northern Wi. still had 20 inches of ice still on them as of last week. What ever happened to all of this so called global warming.

      1. LOL, yea jim, global warming is just a bunch of “hot air”, 🙂 , and it would be nice to have some of that warm/hot air here in Wi. and Minn. 🙂 This cold air is realy getting old up here. Hard to deal with. We are ready for summer

  2. “Just how long and cold of a winter have we had…”

    should be

    “Just how long and cold a winter have we had”.

    The “of” is superfluous.

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