BLM gets rid of their lavish requests and grants permit to Burning Man

Benchmark Reporter – by Steve Smith

The Bureau of Land Management in the US has rescinded a request it had earlier made for VIP accommodations during the Burning Man festival & has granted the permit required to hold this event in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada on the 30th of August.

The agency announced on Friday that it had scrapped this request for organizers of the festival to build a Blue Pit Compound which costs $ 1 million. The living quarters on-site for BLM law enforcement as well as officials from Washington D.C. may have included hot water, flushing toilets, vanity mirrors, couches, refrigerators, laundry washers & dryers, air conditioning, etc.  

8f0237fef4ed37215e0f6a706700aaa7_c0-156-2000-1321_s561x327initial request from BLM officials were to include a 24 hour ice cream access as well as Choco Tacos. The director of the BLM has called a few of these requests outlandish & lavish.

As per the fresh agreement, BLM staffers are going to use the same caterer that Burning Man organizers are using and they will be staying in a town called Gerlach just like they did in the past. BLM will, however, have a command center on-site for officials to coordinate security, safety & environmental efforts.

The CEO of Burning Man, Marian Goodell said that they had made a lot of progress in the last 6 weeks to mutually agree on solutions which met the needs of BLM while still ensuring the safety and health of the people supporting & participating in the event.

The permit which was issued on Friday allowed the organizers of this event to start the construction of Black Rock City right away. This is the temporary community which always springs up for this annual, weeklong counterculture & arts festival. It even maximizes the size of this 9 day event to 70000 attendees.

Burning Man has been help since 1990 in Nevada. It is the name of the large effigy which is burnt during the event. The special recreation permit which it takes from the BLM is the largest in the country.

10 thoughts on “BLM gets rid of their lavish requests and grants permit to Burning Man

  1. Sounds to me like you can’t have a festival unless someone in “government” gets their bribe.

    Screw the BLM. Have your burning man festivities, go heavily armed, and throw the BLM right the hell out of there.

    1. Unfortunately money is not used and weapons are expressly prohibited. EVERY person and vehicle is searched and the people at the gate take the tribute of drugs and such.
      Its the builder version of a rainbow gathering. dreadful really.

      I notice they did not say what concession made up for the $1M club med vacation village… What ever it is it must be cheaper for the festival and more lucrative for the scum bag commie ‘feds’.
      No bid drug wholesaling would be my guess. They already get millions in traffic fines between the I80 and black rock.

  2. Just how is this event ‘counterculture’?
    IMHO, something so carefully organized, approved, etc. does not qualify to be called ‘counter’ anything! (and in it’s 25th year, too)

  3. Yep. Can’t PEACEABLY ASSEMBLE without the communists permission first.
    And why does the burning man festival need a CEO? Did they take what was once a bunch of kids getting together for a party in the desert and turn it into a money making profit machine?
    And let me guess…your not allowed to bring your own food or drink and a glass of beer costs 12 zollars.
    And didn’t they used to burn people inside wicker man effigies over in Europe? Or was that just a dumb movie?

    1. Just a dumb movie which is actually based on the fact that the so-called effigy burned on Summerisle which I think is in the Inner Hebrides off Scotland’s west coast is actually burned once a year to honor some false Celtic pagan god these folks believe in, the burning of which supposedly ensures good crop yields that year (performed on Maypole Day/Beltane/whatever, May 1…it’s called “Wicker Man” and I am sure Burning Man is based on this movie. The 1974 original had Christopher Lee as Lord Summerisle, owner of the island.

      This original is actually interesting…the remake set off Washington State on an island in Puget Sound, however, sucks.

  4. This event is nothing more than a pagan ritual disguised
    as an excuse to have a big party. It’s portrayed as a low
    key event, but has deep ties to the occult.
    Similar to sacred grove worship, and bohemian grove.
    Drunkenness, mind altering drugs, nudity, and many
    other practices of man made religions, will also be performed.
    Note that the article mentioned that folks from DC would be
    in attendance ……Personally, I wouldn’t go anywhere near it.

    1. That is exactly what it is…but the irony is that folks will pay boatloads of money to worship Satan when they can do it for free… 😉 (or maybe it should be 🙁 )

  5. I agree, this is some kind of Satanic event so it follows that a Satanic government would want in on it too.

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