Boycott Businesses Who Donates Money For Gun Control

It’s important to understand that “We the People” fight back, not only for the second article right to bear arms, but also protect ourselves from harm, as it has become clear that treasonous enemies from every quarter want us disarmed, basically giving them advantage to kill American Nationals without adequate means of defense. More businesses are jumping on the treason band wagon, and trying to disarm the population.  

When you take the mammon away from these pencil neck control freaks, you take away the motivation, big time. American Nationals have the God given right to bear arms, and purchase arms whenever they please, as the enemies of the Bill of Rights continue to shoot us dead on a daily basis.

Every day we are bombarded from the enemy within who want to take away the ability to defend ourselves, and our ability to keep our freedoms at bay.

We must understand that we do have power to control our destiny, guns are a big part of that, just owning one puts more fear to the enemy, and that is a big factor in controlling what these control freaks are trying to do.

American Nationals are losing the second article right more and more every day, bit by bit these treasonous clowns are leaving us naked, taking more of our gun rights, this is unacceptable and must be stopped, taking away the ability to do so is job number one.

There are hundreds of millions of firearms in the hands of American Nationals currently, let’s keep it that way!

Death to the new world order.

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