Bravo!!! Pro-Gun Sandy Hook Father Says It Like It Is…

Before It’s News – by Leda Ohio 9

THIS IS AWESOME! Bravo is an understatement…
Finally someone within the Sandy Hook Circle speaking COMMON SENSE and right to the face it needed to be said.

This Video should be the BEDROCK of all future gun debate issues from these TYRANTS trying to take our guns.

If this COMMON SENSE fails, then it is time to FIRE our Government and replace them because they areNOT OUR GOVERNMENT!  Simple as that…

I got goose bumps watching this…

BRAVO!  Did I say that already?

The comments on this video say a lot as well…
ADD your 2cents???

  • Leda May 5 minutes ago

    I swear… It infuriates me how many has had their cheese slide off it’s cracker that CAN NOT understand reality! Aside from your FACTS… What about the past 100+yrs of Tyrants taking guns.. “250+million DEAD” compared to what.. a 100 or so from lone nuts with a gun. Given proof of history, I’d rather take my chances with lone nuts than a tyrannical govt. with tanks drones jets guns cameras and me without!

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  • Leda May

    Leda May 10 minutes ago

    I could scream!

    Denmark you may sniff flowers and sing KoomByYah but, here that is not the case. I want a gun if a criminal breaks into my house with a bat. I want a means to protect my kids and home and I do not want to use a bat to do it.

    Unlike your BRAINWASHED ASS.. A gun is not dangerous.. Idiots with them are and THAT is what I want to defend against. Not too mention a Govt. trying to instill your DOCILE ATTITUDE by propaganda you “USEFUL” Goyim lap-up!

  • Coreadrin

    Coreadrin 12 minutes ago

    A lot of the EU has higher violent crime rates, including rape, than the US. US is 29th for murder and WAAAY down the list for violent crime. I suggest you actually take a look at some statistics to get a clearer picture.

    And, for the record, I am not an American. I just pay attention when rape rates drop by 80% in one year after they reinstated CCW in Orlando. Anyone who ignores that is ignorant.

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  • TheInsanitor

    TheInsanitor 15 minutes ago

    I agree, let USA keep their guns.. Let the idiots keep killing each other.

    Unlike a country like Denmark here.. The only ones using guns here are the Police… Our security guards are not even using Guns.. why? Cause if they were that means the Thugs would have to use guns too. and it would spiral out of control. (Proff: USA have armed robberies with fucking Assualt Rifles)

    And most of the guns people here do obtain here, are import from USA.. Nice job keeping in under control over there guys.

5 thoughts on “Bravo!!! Pro-Gun Sandy Hook Father Says It Like It Is…

  1. We need more Americans with a spine like this man.

    Sheriff Richard Mack is another great American that tells the truth… we need all of the sheriffs across the US to be like him… here is some more info on Sheriff Richard Mack…
    – Bio from wikipedia…
    – Listen to him on youtube… sheriff mack the power of the county sheriff part 1 (there are 5 videos)…
    – Read his book “The County Sheriff America’s Last Hope”… can be downloaded for free at
    – All of his books…

  2. Rest assured, this will NOT be shown on the six o’clock news.

    OR the nine, ten, or eleven o’clock news either, for that matter.

    Outstanding rant!!!

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