Super Bowl War Games: Will There Be Blood?

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As you may have read already, the Super Bowl is taking unprecedented so-called “security” measures this year, stepping it up with each event as we saw with the Olympics insanity and the constant militarization of anything and everything. Not only in the US, but others in the axis of evil controllers are doing the same.

It’s just the US always does it “bigger and better”.

We’re watching this “operation oppression” kick in big time so I’m getting leery about this Super Bowl event. At the least it’s going to be another humongous show of weaponized jacked up security with the public being treated like the enemy. Just that meme is brutalizing and terrorizing enough. Whatever happens or not at this event or others, they’re succeeding in conditioning the mass mind, not just the 70 million plus who will be watching this event and swallowing whatever messages are given, overt and covert.


The Manufactured Militarized Madness

Activist Post has a terrific article on the insane level of “security” they’re implementing this year. It includes VIPR teams (TSA Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response blah blah.), Xray trucks and scanning machines, super restricted carry ins, “see something say something” fascist rhetoric, the NORAD command and their F-15s and all, snipers and on and on.

Here’s from the recent article on these Orwellian “preparations”:

When the 47th Super Bowl commences tomorrow evening at the New Orleans Superdome, it will receive full security coverage from the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

NORAD has been conducting drills under a security exercise labeled Exercise Falcon Virgo 13-Super Bowl.

According to Government Security News:

The Falcon Virgo exercise, said the command, is a series of training flights in coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration, FBI, Customs and Border Protection, Civil Air Patrol, the 601st Air and Space Operations Center, and the Continental U.S. NORAD Region’s Western Air Defense Sector. The agencies are part of America’s team for defense of the air space around the nation, including events like the Super Bowl. (Source)

NORAD’s presence will be among a bevy of enhanced security measures that will put stadium-goers through unprecedented screening and surveillance, as well as the general traveling public caught in its web. (Be sure to see full story HERE)

National Exercise Program DoD

Will Another “Exercise” Accompany Another False Flag?

This is the MO. Doesn’t matter which false flag you uncover, there’s almost always some kind of drill or exercise surrounding the event.  Makes for perfect cover, surveillance cameras can be disabled, evidence removed quickly, operatives extricated from the scene, etc. NORAD by the way, was “distracted” by hijacking exercises and later were on full stand down during 9/11 if you want to know where there allegiance lies.

These dark manipulators behind all this are the real terrorists, and they have everything imaginable at their disposal, not the least of which is the media outlets. Anyone noticing the real events and real suspicious activities going on, of which there are always quite a few people, can be easily ignored by the press, even if they get their story out when things are still fresh. It will be buried and ignored and the mass mind will buy the official story almost every time.

What worries me about this event is the staged shootings that have been stepping up and so intensely sensationalized of late. That the Sandy Hook chorus will be singing the classic mind control song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is bad enough in itself in whorish exploitation of people’s tragedies to push their agenda. But should something take place during THIS kind of staged show with massive “security” in place, the emotional impact and potential for a total crackdown are massive.

And should something terrible happen, who do bet the perpetrators will allegedly be…..hold on, it’s a total surprise……here comes……the IRANIANS! Tah Dah…World War 3 on a silver platter! That or “homegrown terrorists” and there starts the civil war as martial law comes in and the gun grab and round up begins. Any phony perp will do, but that would help them kill a lotta birds with one stone as they so like to do.

And again, if not at this event, this option is always on the table and no doubt somewhere in their plans.


Strange Signs

Besides that weird Sports Illustrated cover at the top, some people have been noticing other perhaps ominous signs and possible hints.

Get the feeling of this one, Mercedes Super Bowl teaser featuring “Sympathy for the Devil” in the background:

Here’s an extended ad. A little sinister perhaps? Just watch the symbolism as well as outright satanism. Red carpet represents the Illuminati blood lines. The black widow hourglass perhaps time running out? Guess we’ll see…

Priestess Puppeteered Platform

That Beyonce will be singing a song called “Nuclear” during half time might signify something. Ya think?

After Madonna’s full blown black ritual last year they’re gonna have to get creative to top that bullshit. If you watch it put your goggles on and wear protective clothing. They fling a lot of it. Watch them go “ballistic” with the gun control issue. Somehow it’s going to get full throttle propaganda, that you can bet on. Division and polarizing the populace is of paramount importance to them.

That’s why our unity is so important.

Stay alert. Strange times on this planet unfolding.

Good thing we’re just visiting, eh?

Love, Zen

2 thoughts on “Super Bowl War Games: Will There Be Blood?

  1. The Super Bowl has become a symbol of American’s capitulation to tyranny. A boycott with an empty stadium and blank TV screens would be an effective, unambiguous statement of American’s disgust with their government.
    It is too late to get this rolling for 2013, maybe next year. There is the World Series coming up. If things hold together that long.

    I know, I know – tough sell. The average bubba will trade his rights for a $5 pizza coupon. Let the beer and circuses commence!

  2. Well, it’s half over, and so far, so good. No mass shooting yet. But what’s up with the lights out at halftime?

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