3 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS❗️ Bill Gates INVESTIGATED for Idaho LAND GRAB

  1. Breaking news! He’ll be cleared of all charges because he needs the land to control our food supply and to poison you and I.

    Fanning the flames will not end them.

  2. Paid almost double for food most of my life because I buy mostly organic. Punished for wanting to eat clean. Now I see this report: Wow!!, the 6 or so minutes @ 2:10 – 7:50 are mind-blowing. I have come across some of those horrible foods. Either threw them out or returned them. Why aren’t the people screaming about this? Oh that’s right, they don’t scream about genocide either.

    I’d like to shove that waxy, rubbery watermelon down Billy-Boy’s throat or maybe into some other orifice!!


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