Bribing Barack Obama

The Western Center for Journalism

What should happen to a group of men who stole trillions from the American people, who caused the 2008 economic collapse, putting millions out of work, causing devastation across America? As spelled out in minute detail in the mammoth 635-page Senate report, “Anatomy of a Financial Collapse,” these men should go in prison.

But this isn’t America anymore. It’s Obama’s corrupt Chicago politics transplanted to Washington, D.C. According to Peter Schweizer’s just-published book, Extortion,  after the Senate’s scathing report came out, the White House held a secret, off-the-record “dinner” for the Wall Street elite —a masquerade for a fundraiser—in which top Wall Street firms essentially bribed the Obama administration to not indict their corrupt companies.  Before the “dinner” was over, checks totaling several million dollars were collected.

Most would call this bribery or extortion.

But this is business as usual for the Obama administration.

Watch Western Center for Journalism’s exclusive video to get all the sordid details about how Barack Hussein Obama is running this country like a mafia crime boss.

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