Bunkerville Remains The Flash Point

Christian Mercenary – by T.L. Davis

Bunkerville represents the first action of the people’s resistance against an unconstitutional governmental bureaucracy turned paramilitary unit. We are likely to see more as time goes on, because there is not a bureaucracy that has not been turned into a paramilitary unit. 

The principle lost in all of this militarization of bureaucrats is that they generally interact with citizens, not enemy combatants or criminals; they are not headed by someone who can be voted out of office, like a sheriff, or held to account by a city council who can be voted out of office. We are not capable of voting out of office the Director of Homeland Security and impeaching a president is something the corrupted officials will not consider in today’s oligarchy. These are highly armed bureaucrats already infamous for their hostility toward the general public primarily because they are impervious to public opinion. 

When the patriot speaks of tyranny, this is exactly the definition that comes to mind: roving bands of highly-armed bureaucrats enforcing “regulations” crafted by the bureaucracy (without votes, without oversight, without due process) at the point of a gun. I have largely refrained from making correlations between either Nazi’s or Stalinists with these bureaucrats, but it is becoming much too relevant to be ignored. 

Bunkerville remains the flash point as indicative of the war on civilians the government has engaged in over the past several decades. They deal harshly with corporations, using these same bureaucracies to harm and ultimately destroy whole industries, displacing workers whose fortunes are dependent upon them. These actions of the federal government on behalf of special interest environmentalists  can no longer be disguised as actions in the public interest. They are destructive of the public interest which is wide and varied, not merely focused on a largely discredited “global warming” agenda as are the special interests they use as excuses for their belligerence.

It is not criminal to demand the protections of the Constitution against the abuses of the government. It is the right of the citizen to demand these protections and in a civil society the government is honor bound to address them according to law, recognizing the tendency of any power structure toward abuse. What is taking place across the nation now is the abandonment of these principles and this understanding of the nature of government toward abuse is being discounted and even exacerbated by the methods of enforcement of “regulations” by bureaucratic military units. 

Since the government has refused to look inward, to investigate itself with any dedication to republican principles of restraint and correction, the abuses must continue and to grow more and more hostile to the forces dedicated to their legal limitations. Those legal limitations remain, however, and must be enforced by the citizens themselves.

The creation of resistance is wholly the making of the federal government and its bureaucracies and its dissolution is also possible within their power if properly administered through restraint and internal investigation. Since this tack has been dismissed with the arrogance of sheer force, there can be no other conclusion than the fact that the federal government is intent on operating outside the law against its own citizenry. 

Citizens seeking lawful redress of grievances have been labeled “domestic terrorists” and given, therefore, criminal intent in preparation for wholesale slaughter or internment, thus creating armies of individuals recognizing the inherent evil of the corrupted government and reacting appropriately to counter these abuses.

When legality becomes a ruse, illegality becomes legitimate.


4 thoughts on “Bunkerville Remains The Flash Point

  1. “When legality becomes a ruse, illegality becomes legitimate.”

    Just like JFK once said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

    1. Wow!
      I was going to quote that and JFK too. Weird!

      Also like this so i will use it instead.
      “…the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

      I also agree with Dave of the Farmer type up there.
      “Lock and load, the time has come.”
      Not one to mince words.

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