Recapture Canyon, Utah, to be site of next BLM showdown

Hikers in Recapture Canyon stride past a rock formation that features "Bubba Glyphs." Also, the ground in the calm canyon is dotted withDenver Post – by Nancy Lofholm

Recapture Canyon is a calm place of cottonwood shade, sinuous streams, beaver ponds and bird song. Ancient cliffside dwellings and ground dotted with potsherds lend it an aura of quiet mystery.

But this canyon — so close to Blanding, Utah, that locals there consider it their wild backyard — is also the site of a long-standing but escalating anti-federal government, Cliven Bundyesque furor.  

On Saturday, protesters plan to drive their ATVs past a “closed to motorized use” sign and into the 11-mile-long canyon to show their disdain for the Bureau of Land Management’s decision to keep that area off-limits to vehicles.

The BLM — after a huddle with the FBI, the Utah attorney general’s office, the Utah Department of Public Safety and San Juan County Sheriff Rick Eldredge — has decided once again to “stand back” and avoid a confrontation as it did several weeks ago on the Bundy ranch in Nevada, Eldredge said.

“It was decided that, at the end of the day, it is not worth it to spill any blood,” Eldredge said of the decision.

But Juan Palma, Utah’s director of the BLM, issued a less conciliatory statement.

“The BLM-Utah has not and will not authorize the proposed ride and will seek all appropriate civil and criminal penalties against anyone who uses a motorized vehicle within the closed area,” Palma’s statement read in part.

It’s anybody’s guess as to how many ATVs will converge on the town of 3,500 for the Recapture protest and for what may or may not be a showdown.

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5 thoughts on “Recapture Canyon, Utah, to be site of next BLM showdown

  1. Anyone think it is a little ironic that they would pick a place called “Recapture” Canyon?

    I’m thinking the BLM is doing everything they can to make sure the patriots fire the first shot, so they are backing off to make the people think THEY are the good guys and the peaceful guys, while demonizing the patriots.

    This must be their new game plan.

  2. Isn’t there yet another,

    I told ya all they have hundreds of bills with this stuff. POPVOX let’s ya track it.

    Shall the bla bla bla be a new national monument expanded (AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES) no text..

    Want me to RELIGHT UP MY SENATORS I DON”T TRUST? What can you say to a treasonous piece of crap without giving them more information to attack?

  3. “It was decided that, at the end of the day, it is not worth it to spill any blood,” Eldredge said of the decision.”


  4. i smell a set up.
    Saving face scenario but where dozens(in stead of individuals and pairs like now) are publicly taken to fema/gitmo for terrorism. They will blame it on their paid actor militia.
    usually id say “the crowd goes mediocre”
    but iv fall’in in love with “go back to sleep mutton head”

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