11 thoughts on “Calexico, California – more beer to North Carolina Mexican border 59 degrees clear

  1. Beautiful scenery! Love those small brews for sure. Recently I found a really good beer called Convict Hill, it’s an oatmeal stout brewed in Austin with an 8% alcohol by volume.

    1. This was a small brewery out of Mira Mesa called Juneshine, run by a bunch of kids.. Cool place actually, I was the old fart…

      They sell the hell out of this stuff to their brotheren in NC.

  2. Maybe someday you’ll haul St. Arnold’s, made in Houston…their Pumpkinator is out of this world, and St. Arnold’s Root Beer too. Beats Abita by a mile, and Hires etc. by a million miles…. And you should be lad you’re not driving in far west Texas…huge snow storm!

      1. Mark you gotta watch this video…outside of Fort Stockton on I-10….just WOW! I’ve never seen anything like this on I-10 in far west Texas!

        And in fact the highways between Marfa and Alpine and Marfa and Presidio are closed today! And those towns are SOUTH of here! Even ambulances are banned from driving to Alpine hospital….

        1. oh yeah, dead stopped! Happens during these freak blizzards, I’ve been stopped like this In Butte, Montana I90 and Flagstaff, AZ, Wyoming gets hammered bad, wind plus the blizzards. Western states get hammered, North I90 gets it horrible bad too.

          Ive seen it all, been in it all. I make goddamn sure my tanks are always topped off, plenty of food and water.

          Believe it or not, one huge danger is getting locked out of your truck while leaving the cab for inspections of trailer and tires. So you get out of your truck and instinctively lock the doors with truck running.

          Extremely dangerous..
          Its extremely important to have a spare key for truck. Problem is our main office keeps the spare with them so they have a key, expect us to acquire another , they are hard to get,computerized everything.

          keys are very difficult to get believe it or not.

          Minus temps, heavy wind, locked out, your fuked. You have to find something to break window, everything is inside truck right?

          You got only minutes before your frozen. Heavy wind, minus temps.inside truck is 78 degrees, outside is minus 20. FUUUUK…..

          So now you have to break in, very hard to do, now your inside cab is exposed.

          Think about that…this fkg job is dangerous as hell,

          1. Yep, saw that one yesterday after watching the one I posted. I am truly amazed at these scenes….seen ’em in NY where I am from, but far west Texas is another thing. And I imagine it’s just as bad on I-20 where traffic is always bad anyway (fracking, oil fields, etc.). Stay safe, Mark!

  3. North Carolina doesn’t need anymore beer, Mark.
    Just punch my address into that GPS device and we’ll get that beer to where it’ll do some good.

    1. Right on JR I’m with you brother, I’ll be stopping in to The Big Texan in Amarillo Texas, great Brewery there I will share some pics.

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