4 thoughts on “Calgary Police Service arrest man for playing outdoor hockey

  1. So the elites are controlling the police forces all over the world. This isn’t going to end well if these are the kind of ridiculous arrests they are going after.

  2. The behavior of these Canadian pigs was incredible and gives us proof the pigs will do whatever those who sign their paychecks tell them to do.

    However, one thing I noticed, that stinking, out of control female pork chop couldn’t do a damn thing to that dude. Video proof women do not have the body strength to be pigs or fight in the military or be firemen.

  3. Just shoot the bastards. Enough already.
    Send a cop head to the precinct shit will stop fast.

    That’s all it takes.
    Fight back pussy canadians. Gave up your weapons and look at you now.


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