California Gov. Newsom: “It’s Time To Repeal the Second Amendment”

By Sean Adl-Tabatabai – The People’s Voice

Gov. Newsom vows to repeal the Second Amendment if he becomes President

California Governor Gavin Newsom has declared that he will repeal the Second Amendment in America if he becomes President.

In response to the recent shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade in Missouri Wednesday, Newsom said it was time that guns were completely banned.

Newsom shared video of a press briefing by Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves telling reporters, “People who came to this celebration should expect a safe environment… This tragedy occurred even in the presence of uniformed officers.”

Newsom shared her quote and added, “We cannot accept the status quo. We need to pass a Constitutional Amendment to prevent gun violence nationwide.” reports: California boasts the highest number of mass shootings of any state in the country, so Newsom’s own track record shows his state’s heavy gun restrictions are already failing.

Meanwhile, restaurants like Denny’s and In-N-Out are closing shop in cities like Oakland because they can’t even operate due skyrocketing crime.

It’s happening in San Francisco too – where Newsom used to be mayor – as nearly half of the retail stores in Union Square have recently left the area.

The comments on the governor’s social media post are flooded with people slamming him for wanting to remove guns from the hands of good citizens, slashing police budgets and allowing so many criminal illegal aliens into the state.

Out of the nearly six thousand comments, only a handful support Newsom’s message.

If Newsom and the Democratic Party had their way, guns would be heavily restricted nationwide as they are in Commiefornia and crime would get out of control across the country.

4 thoughts on “California Gov. Newsom: “It’s Time To Repeal the Second Amendment”

  1. Well look at that!! Article 2 catapulted to the front burner once again. Good people everywhere being blamed for what bad people did. So they want us to suffer the consequences of these acts of insanity (real or staged) by leaving ourselves unprotected and weakened in our defense against tyranny especially while this particular time of tyranny normalizes genocide!!

    Remind all whom you can that Article 2 is our INNATE right and it is what’s keeping them at bay. Look what happened to so many of the disarmed countries whose people either had their weapons confiscated or were coerced into “willingly” surrendering them. They are experiencing deep levels of totalitarianism. The hierarchy they have in place is picking apart their privacy and their right to self-direct their own lives. All manner of invasive oppression is being forced upon them all the way to the ultra-controlling social credit system that decides what you can and cannot buy, what you can and cannot do, and if you deserve to live or die. Yes, we have our oppression here too, but it has not yet disarmed us.

    There are those who say, “Just don’t comply.” Others point out that, WHILE YOU’RE NOT COMPLYING, THEY ARE KILLING YOU!!

    The urgent importance of Article 2 —–> Road to Freedom for me and you.


    1. Look what happened when those Aussies didn’t comply with “covid” BS in Australia. That’s right, the cops opened fire on them (with rubber bullets) shooting many of them in the back. A defenseless person can not really non-comply when the enemy is prepared to use force every time to make you comply “or else”!

  2. No , its time to rid our country and government of scum that wont, or refuses to recognize our Bill of Rights

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