California Holocaust Denial Speech Restrictions Initiative (2016)


The Holocaust Denial Speech Restrictions Initiative (#15-0073) is an initiated state statute proposed for the California ballot on November 8, 2016.

The measure would prohibit any speech that claims Jewish, Armenian or Ukrainian Holocausts did not exist in any state-funded school, museum or educational institution. It would also prohibit Holocaust denial organizations from distributing information or conducting activities at these state-funded locations.[1]  

Text of measure

Ballot title

The official ballot title is:[2]

Speech. Holocaust Denial Restrictions. Initiative Statute.[3]

Ballot summary

The official ballot summary is:[2]

Restricts speech that lobbies against the recognition of the Jewish, Armenian, or Ukrainian Holocausts at any school, educational institution, or museum that receives state funds. Prevents Holocaust denial organizations, as defined, from disseminating information and conducting activities on the premises of these institutions, or involving the employees, clients, or students of these institutions. Permits injunctive relief and damages against the Holocaust denial organizations that commit violations.[3]

Full text

The full text of the measure can be found here.

Fiscal impact

(Note: The fiscal impact statement for a California ballot initiative authorized for circulation is jointly prepared by the state’s Legislative Analyst and its Director of Finance.) The statement reads:[2]

Given its restraint on free speech, a court may find this measure unconstitutional. If so, it would have no fiscal effect. If the measure could be implemented legally, the annual cost to state-funded educational institutions is unlikely to be significant statewide, but the cost for a particular local government in a particular year might be significant if it is sued and found to have violated the provisions of the measure.[3]

Path to the ballot

See also: California signature requirements

6 thoughts on “California Holocaust Denial Speech Restrictions Initiative (2016)

  1. Just in time for Obongo’s gun restriction exec. order. The entire Constitution is shredded. Thanks you Kenyan POS and communist loving Kaliforinators.

  2. “Restricts speech that lobbies against the recognition of the Jewish, Armenian, or Ukrainian Holocausts at any school, educational institution, or museum that receives state funds.”

    Foot in the door.

    Universally comes next.

    1. “Foot in the door…..Universally comes next.”
      Exactly.. the camel’s nose under the tent.

      People have to resist this by going to “any state-funded school, museum, or educational institution”, and calmly explaining that the Jews are lying sacks of shite.

  3. Obviously a violation of the 1st Amendment. But since when has our US Supreme Court given a hoot about the US Bill of Rights?

  4. The ‘jews’ are going for it.
    Assaults on freedom accelerating on all fronts.
    They suspect enough sheep in america are asleep and anesthetized with internet spam, tv, fluoride, chem-trails, pharmaceuticals, ‘news’, electronic gadgets, junk’food’, sports, lgbt, and porn to bother to wallow their fat asses off the sofa for anything more than the next beer.

    Expect major warfare on the horizon kicked off with a spectacular hollywood false flag to scare the sheeple into total compliance.

    Another shitty thing coming down the pipe is a cash ban. Making weapon/ammo purchases more difficult.

    Assaults on all fronts.


  5. WOW! The stupidest law ever made.

    You don’t see blacks making laws stating that you can’t say slavery never existed back in the day. But the Jews, have the audacity to do that.

    Unfrigginbelievable……. Cry me a F**king river. These Zionist bastards just don’t know when to quit. Once again, they are bitching about something that happen almost a century ago.

    WHO THE F**K CARES!!!!??? 😡 GET OVER IT!!!

    Babies, babies, babies! That’s all they are. WAHHH!!!!! “Never forget me”. WAHH!!!! Mommy, they are trying to “forget me”. WAHH!!!!

    Next, they will make a law stating that you can’t say 9/11 wasn’t an inside job or that Sandy Hook wasn’t a hoax.

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