California Plans FORCED Internment And Asset Seizure To Solve Homeless Crisis

Activist Post – by Tim Pool

California’s growing homeless crisis has made headlines over the past year. Diseases are rampant and state and local governments have failed to do anything to solve the problem.

A new state law would allow the state to forcefully “conserve” people with mental illness meaning that if you are homeless and determined to be not “self sufficient” the state can detain you and seize and control your finances until you prove yourself to be “self sufficient.”

In one town, Redding, they have proposed this in a letter sent to Governor Gavin Newson demanding state of emergency powers. This would allow them to essentially detain any person who is “unhoused” and take control of their finances.

While California as a whole is a fairly leftist state and Democrats have proposed a state law to “conserve” the homeless, Redding is in a Republican district.

They say that California is the future of the United States and I certainly hope not.

Activist Post

6 thoughts on “California Plans FORCED Internment And Asset Seizure To Solve Homeless Crisis

  1. Vid is really good ’till toward the end where he gets into left/right, with a sprinkle of Trump love. Still, this proposal is a dream come through for communism.

    Incarceration by any other name…


  2. AS I SAID IN THE BELOW ARTICLE,”The world seems to get very angry when you don’t want to “play”, or
    dabble in their bullshit, or, when you refuse to recognize the
    authority of the beast.”


  3. CALIFORNIA is filled with the stupidest people on earth,THEN THROW IN THE NAZI’S FROM REDDING,and they are ,I lived there ,THE POLICE GANGS would steal anything NOT NAILED DOWN,I got pulled over one day,and searched,when I got home,THE FISHING GEAR was gone out of the back of my truck,the police had stolen it,they even took my tackle box,WHEN OUR FATHER JUDGES THEM,there won’t be a soul left in california,THE LORD warned them,WHAT YOU DO TO THE POOR AND HOMELESS ‘YOU DO TO ME”and there ain’t no one in the california government who isn’t a total piece of FILTH..and that includes the NAZI POLICE GANGS…but there is a silver lining to this,HELL ISN’T HAFT FULL……

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