Canadian Schools Dump All Books Printed Before 2008 Because They Aren’t Woke Enough

By Warner Todd Huston – iPatriot

Canada has figured out how to stop children from being confronted by all that scary, non-woke history… they are just throwing it all in the trash.

According to a report by the CBC, Canadian schools are now simply getting rid of any book printed before 2008 because they all have that darned ol’ dangerous information in them that isn’t “inclusive” enough.

According to the CBC, kids have gone to school and found most of their library shelves empty.

One student said she can no longer find, books such as Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Roll of Thunder, and Hear My Cry on her school’s book shelves.

“This year, I came into my school library and there are rows and rows of empty shelves with absolutely no books,” said student Reina Takata, who just started Grade 10.

Takata added that up to 50 per cent of her school’s library books are gone.

Memory holed. Dumped. Ended. Canceled.

So, how did the school board explain itself?

“Books published prior to 2008 that are damaged, inaccurate, or do not have strong circulation data (are not being checked out by students) are removed,” said the board in its statement.

If damaged books have strong circulation the board says they can be replaced regardless of publication date, and older titles can stay in the collection if they are “accurate, serve the curriculum, align with board initiatives and are responsive to student interest and engagement.”

“The Peel District School Board works to ensure that the books available in our school libraries are culturally responsive, relevant, inclusive, and reflective of the diversity of our school communities and the broader society,” said the board.

The district’s “Directive 18” also notes that only “inclusive” and “culturally responsive” books will be allowed.

“The Board shall evaluate books, media and all other resources currently in use for teaching and learning English, History and Social Sciences for the purpose of utilizing resources that are inclusive and culturally responsive, relevant and reflective of students, and the Board’s broader school communities,” the directive says.

We will not allow “non-inclusive” information for our kids, the fascists said.

How horrible. How anti-child. How anti-western.

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2 thoughts on “Canadian Schools Dump All Books Printed Before 2008 Because They Aren’t Woke Enough

  1. Cancel Communism. Cancel Noahide Laws. Cancel The UN, The WHO, The CDC, and The WEF.

    Or to make all that a whole lot easier, just “cancel” The Protocols of Zion. That’s taking ourselves off a course of destruction, enslavement, and death. Are we on the offensive yet?


  2. Where I grew up, my Ontario is no longer recognizable. In 9th grade public school, late 1970s, required reading for 1st term was “Nineteen Eighty Four”. 2nd term, “Animal Farm”, both books by George Orwell. 10th grade, “Slaughterhouse 5” by Kurt Vonnegut. 12th grade history, term papers were based on names drawn from a hat. I got Alger Hiss, first term and Joseph Stalin, 2nd term. Those books prepared me for what they warned me about, today. Recently, I found a copy of “Gulag Archipelago” in my mom’s book case. That one is a tough one to get through. My generation will need to step in with the wisdom we grew up with and teach them what we know! My 19 year old son saw through all the woke crap in the Catholic, French immersion high school he went to. He knows they are all sick in the head.

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