Canadian Truckers Against COVID Tyranny BLOCK HIGHWAY to and From United States – With “Mandate Freedom” Signs

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

Canadian truckers against COVID tyranny blocked the highway entering the US from Canada both ways on Monday.

One of the trucks had a sign reading, “Mandate Freedom!”  

As The Gateway Pundit reported 10 days ago, Joe Biden is planning on shutting down a significant portion of the trade pipeline with Canada this month.

According to government figures U.S. goods and services trade with Canada totaled an estimated $718.4 billion in 2019. Exports were $360.4 billion; imports were $358.0 billion.

Canada was the largest goods export market in 2019. Canada was the United States’ 3rd largest supplier of goods imports in 2019. U.S. goods imports from Canada totaled $319.4 billion. 70% of that trade is moved by truck.

Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for truckers will mean around 30,000 cross-border truckers will be forced to shut down. Starting January 15, truckers will be forced to show proof of vaccine.

The Conservative Treehouse reported – Canadian vaccine mandate for cross-border truck drivers began Saturday, January 15. The U.S. vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers begins January 22nd.

That’s why the truckers are protesting.

The elites are demanding Truckers disclose their vaccine status.

Gateway Pundit

One thought on “Canadian Truckers Against COVID Tyranny BLOCK HIGHWAY to and From United States – With “Mandate Freedom” Signs

  1. Typical thug playing pass the ball. He knows what he’s doing is wrong but plays the, “don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just doing what I’m told” game in order to keep his job. Pathetic.

    “That’s a direct order.” He says. There they go again thinking they that we are all in the military and by saying, “I ORDER you” that that’ll make a whole new difference. What a joke.

    You know, I’m getting sick of hearing, “I ORDER you” to do something when people can’t get their way. If someone has to ORDER you to do something all the time, I think it’s time someone needs to reassess the problem and/or situation. But of course narcissistic pigs can’t think that way.

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