4 thoughts on “Cancer mystery as cases rise among younger people around the world

  1. The Criminal Drug Cartel (CDC) admitted that between 1955-1963 over 98 million of WE the People received one or more doses of polio jab which was contaminated with a cancer causing virus called Simian Vacuolating virus 40 (SV40)
    the (CDC) Criminal Drug Cartel quickly took down the pages along w google , but someone was smart enough to know this was important info for us to know so they saved this grand admission of their genocide upon the masses ..quite like this covid jab shit ..amazing to me that people still trust these criminals, and that we haven’t strung them up yet… makes me wonder what its going to take

    1. Yep. Some local gas stations only just took down their perspex counter screens & I still see at least half a dozen people wearing masks wherever they go every time I go out. I don’t think those damaged/mentally ill people will ever stop wearing them now. There’s a lot of people who really know the truth inside but there’s also a lot of asses out there in the masses!

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