In Memory of Laura

Laura Jane Shivley was born on August 10th, 1961 to Stan and Jan McClellan in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  She grew up with her two brothers and three sisters on in Klamath Falls, and in the town of Malin in Southern Oregon where she graduated from Lost River High School in 1979.

Laura met her husband Henry Shivley in 1978 at a restaurant where they both worked.  Laura and Henry were married in 1979 at the Presbyterian church in Malin.  In 1980 Laura gave birth to the first of her boys whom she raised in Chiloquin, Oregon with Henry.

After her sons were grown and had moved away, Laura traveled the country in a long-haul truck with her husband Henry, and in 2012, they founded From The Trenches World Report, an online news blog with a daily live broadcast.  Without formal training or any experience, she built this website from scratch by her determination & resourcefulness, and along with Henry who hosted the daily live broadcast, reached millions of people around the world.

Laura was first & foremost a dedicated and loving mother, grandmother, wife, aunt, sister, daughter, and friend who without exception, prioritized the comfort and wellbeing of her family and friends ahead of herself.  She was an excellent cook who made every meal from scratch for her family.  She was a patient teacher who gave her children a superior education from home.


Laura was blessed with a keen intellect. She was an excellent problem solver who managed her household and business finances with thrift and ingenuity. During the dozen years that she operated her and Henry’s website, she diligently vetted and published thousands of news articles, corresponded with contributors, and solved countless technical problems. Through her exceptional work ethic, technical expertise, and artistic vision, she watched the website that Henry and her created grow into a successful enterprise.


Laura enjoyed traveling to remote and unsettled locations where she would photograph wildlife and natural scenery.  She loved camping, fishing, and exploring the outdoors.  Laura was an accomplished marksman who spent thousands of hours shooting with her family.  She was a fierce patriot who through her and Henry’s website, educated and informed people from all over the world.

Most of all, Laura enjoyed caring for children.  Besides her own sons, she was a mom to her nephews, nieces, grandchildren, extended family, and to neighborhood children.  She loved reading books and singing to her kids.  Children loved Laura because she was infinitely patient, kind, and nurturing.


On January 22nd, 2023, Laura passed away unexpectedly before her time in Bend, Oregon at the age of 61.  She is survived by her husband Henry with whom she shared her life, heart & soul.  She lives on through her sons Jamie, Chris, Jesse, Billy, and Luther, her nephews nieces, and grandchildren whom each carry with them the goodness that she instilled.  Laura is grieved by her brothers Mark and Jim, her sisters Kathy, Marty, Becky, Delhea, and Michelle, and the many friends who loved her.  She is preceded in death by her father Stan, mother Jan, father-in-law Owen, and mother-in-law Dorcile.

Laura’s legacy can best be summarized by her kindness, love, and selflessness.  During her time, she radiated goodwill and generosity.  She spoke ill of no one, and no one spoke ill of her.  She helped many and harmed none, and she was loved and admired by all who knew her.  Laura was gold.  Pure and unalloyed.








19 thoughts on “In Memory of Laura

  1. Thanks for sharing Henry. A beautiful, moving & very human tribute & a reminder for all of why we’re really here.

  2. My Sincerest Condolences go out to the Family & many Friends of Laura Shivley. Laura’s unremitting Patriotism for the Bill of Rights was shared through her devoted work of speading & conveying the message of Truth in order to oppose Tyranny. Lauras Kindred Spirit will continue to Live & Thrive On in Hearts & Minds of all those who Love, Enjoy, & Cherish Freedom, Liberty, & Justice for All. Rest In Peace Dear Lady & know that you are deeply missed !

  3. Ahh, the beautiful sanity of a life fully lived. That was quite a tribute, Henry, especially that plaque on the great tree. What better accolade than to be called “free.” She certainly lived it.

    And each picture was so lovely and brought us into the Shivley family. Sweet Laura Jane lives on in all of you and we are all the better for it.


  4. Henry, I am choked up as I read this. You are truly blessed to have such a fine woman as your wife and soul mate, I wish I could have met her. My deepest condolences for your loss.

  5. Now that’s a tribute! Wish I could have met Laura. Thanks, Henry, for posting this, and blessings to you and yours.

  6. Laura is going to be greatly missed , if she wasn’t aware, she had a separate family of all us Trenchers , Be well Henry , you were blessed and so were we … we still are, due to both of your hard work

    you also have us as family Brother ,and Im so sorry for your loss (our loss)

    Rest In Peace- Ms. Laura

  7. That’s beautiful, brother. She was definitely someone special to everyone.

    I see she graduated the same year I was born. That’s crazy.

    In any case, again my condolences. May she rest in peace knowing that she touched the hearts and lives of everyone around her.

  8. Thank you Henry .. brother and teacher ….. sorry you lost your baby … Ken KNOW and it hurts keep tryin to heal!! two barrels!! Got to fight ssooner than later!!!

  9. I want to extend my heartfelt condolences to you Henry and to your family.
    May you receive peace that comes from the rich memories of love.

  10. It seems she fulfilled all the roles of a great woman and also a human being in a most exemplary way to the Shivley family as well as her country. We were all blessed, one way or another, to have had any interaction with her. Clan Shivley, you were blessed the most as you had the most time with her and any of us who has a woman in their lives who is so dedicated, strong and resilient, please take the time to let them know they are beloved and cherished while you have the opportunity. Time is fleeting and life waits for no one. God bless you, clan Shivley and long live the Republic as well as the memory of her precious soul.

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