11 thoughts on “Captions?

  1. My Fellow Americans:

    Few sights in life are more hideous than Maxine-Communist-Waters.


    – “My balls are this BIG!”

    – “This is how big the bag of money is that jews give me to sell out this country everyday!!”

    – “This is how I reach into Hillary’s ass and pull out Bill…”

    – “My mother was a slug about this fat when she spawned me…”

    – “I like new born children only about this big when I roast them for dinner….”

    – “My assh*le has been stretched open this wide at some of our satanic orgy’s!”

    – “Ok!, OK!, OK!,… would you believe “GOD” made me a hardcore Zionist-jew-communist traitor?…”

    – “LOOK!,… I really am a total fuk’n retard!,… so you can’t blame for all the treason and sedition I took money for!”

    – “… SEE!,.. I was able to wash MOST of the Zionist-jew murder blood from my hands…….”

    – “Yes your Honor,… I use to play “Ed The Talking Horse”,… and have a slong this big!”

    And finally,….

    – “Attention earth people,… I am really a space alien from the planet zork,.. and am here with each of my fingers to eat all of you!…”

    Audience laughing,.. clapping,…. an announcer in the background,… thank hew!,.. thank hew all,…. he will be here all week!,.. thank hew!…… thank hew….

    JD – US Marines: Ok,… not my best work,… but look what Paul gave me to work with for God sakes! I’m nauseous just from looking at her image so many times to come up with ideas!



    1. JD you better double lock your doors tonight, better yet sleep in the woods down the road for them comments.

    2. Thank you, JD – you have bested anything I could have presented here.

      By the way…. look at the beast standing behind the first beast…. Reminds me of something from “They Live!”.
      Ugh! Nasty!!

  2. Look at that fricking wig.
    I think she stole it from little Richard.
    Ya know…
    I saw some road kill on I-80 that looked just like that wig the other day.
    Turned out to be a piece of tire shredded from a blowout.

    1. Yeah your right …
      She could do a good James Brown impression.

      Livin in America…..Hit me one time.


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