26 thoughts on “Captions?

  1. damn paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

  2. Aww little white squirrel ima give you a dicking you ain’t never gon foget. Not even if you wipe it clean is you not going to foget. Awwh little white skank I tell ya.

  3. Hillary longingly stares into Michelle’s eyes and says:

    “Is that a gun in your pocket?
    Or am I going to get lucky tonight!?”

  4. My Fellow Americans:

    Every time I look at this picture of Pyscho-Hillary and Obama’s husband hugging, it…… makes,… me,…. want,… to,…. V>>>O>>>M>>>I>>>T>>>!!!!!,… SPLASH!!!!!

    Damn!,… now,.. I have to clean that up!!!!

    JD – US Marines – You know this country is screwed when a picture of the former Presidents husbands hugging makes you puke all over your clean floor!!!


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