Cop Crashes Car And Runs Away When More Cops Arrive

The Daily Sheeple – by Ryan Banister

An award-winning California state trooper was caught on camera fleeing the scene after crashing his patrol car into a parked vehicle and a utility pole, snapping it in half, on Thursday afternoon at 2:30 p.m.

When other officers approached and asked him to explain what happened, officer Daniel Kenney refused to get out of the vehicle. With at least three officers surrounding the front end of the car, Kenney reverses and then speeds away past a cameraman across the street. 

Kenney, a state park K-9 officer, is now on paid administrative leave.

Nearly 1,000 homes and business in the area were left without power.

Officers placed Kenney in handcuffs when he eventually decided to pull over. He was taken to a hospital where it was determined that he was not intoxicated.

A man inside the parked vehicle which Kenney struck suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital, according to Action News Now.

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12 thoughts on “Cop Crashes Car And Runs Away When More Cops Arrive

  1. Yep, he passed all of the psychological tests to be a pig, oink, oink, sooooooweeeeee! I’s above the law. I’m “Johnny Law”. What I say goes!

    My comrades forgot to look the other way that day, it’s been resolved. We’re still here to “Protect and Serve” (our own interests).

  2. I wonder what explanation the pigs will use to whitewash this. I can think of one possibility, but I don’t want to say it because it could give ideas to any pig(s) who might read this site.

  3. It’s ok, I’m one of you, Were above the “Civilian” laws….

    Unreal, if it was a “Civilian” they would have had their guns drawn and executed him/her as soon as he/she started trying to move that car or drive anywhere near their god like asses….

    20 years in prison for that f#@k, minimum….but it’ll be all quashed and justified somehow no doubt, the people are gonna have to reconcile these f#@ks at some point….protect and serve, har har har….

  4. If it wasn’t one of their uniformed thug criminals, the average citizen would of been murdered and shot dead! Seen this happen many times. Then the Uniformed thugs would claim…I was in fear of my life. Typical BS from those uniformed cowards.

  5. So why didn’t the cops shoot and kill him like they do everyone else? I’m not saying they should, I’m just wondering why he was allowed to start his car and drive off. If it was anyone else they would have killed him. He was probably drunk on duty or something like that, not something you kill people for, but once again if it was a civilian, that civilian would be dead, so why didn’t they shoot him?

    1. I realize that your question is probably rhetorical, but I’ll answer it anyway. The pigs refrained from shooting him because he was a member of their gang. Cops believe that the lives of police are far more important than the lives of everyone else.

      The pigs are really something more sinister than a mere gang. Like Zionist Jews, they’re a quasi-religious cult whose members worship themselves and one another. These idiots subscribe to a collective delusion of being “the good guys” and God’s servants. Yet many of them lie under oath, plant evidence, bust harmless people for victimless offenses, harm people for sadistic pleasure, and even commit outright murder. Those who don’t do these things at least passively support their comrades who do.

  6. “He was taken to a hospital where it was determined that he was not intoxicated.”

    Then he’s obviously SERIOUSLY DEMENTED.

    That qualifies him for a promotion.

    1. If he’s not intoxicated and he did this sober ,, then he’s criminally insane and should be put down

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