24 thoughts on “Captions?

  1. Say what you will about this freak, and yep I get it

    But realize Dennis Rodman’s life and accomplishments are more relevant than Jim Carey’s and Robert DeNiro’s careers combined

    That also includes all 8 years of Obama’s lack of being a true president

    1. De Niro is one fked up dude, lost all respect for that piece of trash barrel bottom. Yeah, you don’t like Trump, we get it. Now go get some free sushi at one of your Japanese flop houses and kiss some billionaire ass.

      Son of a bitch has gone off the fkg rails.

      1. I know , right?
        Must be the all the hits to the head

        Hey what ever Mr Movie star supports or don’t
        I could care less than what some film stars political leanings are
        Let alone for it to become an issue where they think their opinions are relevant or that I give a shit what they think, or worse .. I have to agree with them ? Yeah F that
        In my book , that ain’t entertainment
        I’ve seen enough movies to last me the rest of my life if they never make another one
        So if schmucks like this want to end up unemployed, have at it idiots

    1. Ahhh… kdtroxel…. the kike loving, trumptard who listens to christopher cantwell all the time. (currently looking at 40 years in prison for pepper spraying antifa hooligans) Cantwells whole thing is white nationalism. He spouts Mein Kampf, and wants to use the apparatus of the state to create a white nation. (sounds familiar eh?) kdtroxel is either in a state of cognitive dissonance, or he is f-king retarded. chris cantwell goes on and on about how much damage the kikes have done to the united states, yet, he supports trump 100% when it is easily provable, that trump does whatever isreal tells him to do. you cannot hate isreal and love trump at the same time. it’s friggin impossible if you have even half a brain.

      so, let kdtroxel, the trust fund baby, spend all his monthly stipend on bitcoin (which has been proven to be founded and operated by FRAUD) and maybe he will end up having to realize that the BILL OF RIGHTS is the only thing in this world worth defending.

      But i doubt he is that bright. He wont even answer basic questions i ask him, like what gives him the right to consent for me because he voted for trump and i wont vote, because voting in an election conducted by foreign occupiers is an act of TREASON!

      kdtroxel was, and is a waste of an orgasm. his mother should have swallowed him when she had the chance.

      if you wish to troll the socialist racist some more, he is often online at this IRC chat site….


      have fun. i know i do until he rage quits…. cuz he has a LOT of sand in his mangina.

      1. ‘kdtroxel was, and is a waste of an orgasm. his mother should have swallowed him when she had the chance.’……….now That was a visual I did not need……… 🙂 hey Atrax!

  2. I don’t know about you.

    But I would like to see Michael Jordan or Larry Bird as ambassador.

    Or hey…Lebron James.

    Or even better….

    Stormy Daniels.

    I mean.

    How can you just not say no to foreign policy.

    When Stormy Daniels is well…

    Performing oral gratification on you with a 2″….slanted eyed penis.

    I’m sorry…

    I don’t want to ruin negotiations by telling asians they have little penises.

    But… that’s what makes America great.

    We have larger penises.

    1. But… that’s what makes America great.

      We have larger penises.

      Hhahahhaah Flee ….the gift that keeps on giving .. yes the pun was intended

  3. “I plan to make it start with me by coming to the realization that I’m not a cork board.”

    Cork boards are made for sticking pins into to hold paper in tact. My face will no longer be a walking cork board and a freaky looking mess. Besides, I’m tired of being led around by the nose with these rings.

    I will make America great again and will not look to the criminals to make America great again.

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