Car goes airborne, crashes into 2nd-floor dental office in Santa Ana

LA Times

A driver who later admitted to using narcotics crashed his car into the second-floor dental offices of a Santa Ana building today, according to police.

The white sedan was partially wedged into the second story of the office building, Santa Ana Police Department reported. A specialized fire truck from Los Angeles was brought in to extract the car from the dentist’s office.  

Officers were dispatched at 5:25 a.m. to the 300 block of East 17th Street. Investigators determined that the motorist had been speeding north on French Street, approaching 17th Street. The sedan then struck the raised center median on 17th Street, which launched the vehicle into the air.

Firefighters from Los Angeles County and the Orange County Fire Authority extricated the occupants of the vehicle while its front end was still lodged high in the building.

11 thoughts on “Car goes airborne, crashes into 2nd-floor dental office in Santa Ana

  1. Wow… there’s some driving for you.

    He must have been flying down the road before flying through the air if a median sent him that high.

  2. Unusual height for a center median crash but In California its quite common to have elevated freeways running right through peoples yards. Imagine a fully loaded 18 wheeler exiting the freeway into a house. Could spoil your pancake breakfast….

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