Cartels Have Settled 80 Miles Inside the U.S. Border on Public Lands

Independent Sentinel – by S. Nobel

We are losing our sovereignty by erasing our borders and ceding U.S. land to cartels. Big Government is not protecting our borders and has made it extremely difficult for Border Patrol to pursue cartels settled on public lands.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview that no one has operational control of desert areas of Arizona 70 miles within the border.  

Utah Rep. Rob Bishop has said it’s 80 miles.

Babeu took a helicopter tour of drug cartel areas in Arizona this week with Dr. Ben Carson who is a GOP candidate for president of the United States.

Dr. Carson concluded after the visit that the wall won’t do, we need ARMED drones in the area.

They toured the many scout sites where cartel operatives serve as lookouts for human and drug smugglers and other contraband.

“If they can operate up to this degree, 70 miles north of the border, in law enforcement we call that a clue,” Babeu said in a brief exclusive interview outside the helicopter after landing back at the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. The lack of United States sovereignty this deep into the country is highly concerning to Carson.

“We should stop them at the border,” Carson said. “They shouldn’t be 70 miles inside the border. We should stop them at the border. As the sheriff indicated, if we were to take like 6,000 troops and put them at the border, you wouldn’t have those people coming inside the border.”

Our sovereignty and our borders are erased for hundreds or thousands of square miles.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Cartels are active in the border states and in our cities and it has been going on for years.

When the government watchdog agency Judicial Watch reported there were ISIS camps in Mexico within 8 miles of El Paso, they also noted that ISIS “spotters” were seen in the East Potrillo Mountains of New Mexico which is under control of The Bureau of Land Management [BLM].

The Bureau of Land Management can’t control cartel activity on their lands and won’t let Border Patrol in without lengthy bureaucratic hassles.

There are parts of BLM land that are “wild” and the Border Patrol is not allowed on it nor is surveillance equipment easily erected, which, ironically, allows cartels and terrorists free rein. If agents are in pursuit, they can only go into Wilderness areas on foot. Cartels are aware of these restrictions.

Clips from one of Rep. Bishop’s detailed presentations on cartel-controlled federal lands [full video at the end of the post].

Rep. Rob Bishop tried to get legislation passed in 2012 that would help stop cartels from using federal lands. The House passed it but the White House opposed it.

There are extensive areas – within the U.S. – that have warning signs about illegal criminal activity and they are put up by our government. These are U.S. protected lands and parks that are too dangerous for American citizens unless touring with an armed guard.



Transnational cartels have been operating 80 miles within Arizona’s border for years. The following is a presentation by the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers. Border patrol cannot cover large swaths of land along the border because they don’t have access thanks to the environmental restrictions in Wilderness areas.

More than 80% of the wildfires on public lands are caused by illegal aliens. They often set fires to distract Border Patrol while they flee.

Full video with Congressman Bishop and another expert.

5 thoughts on “Cartels Have Settled 80 Miles Inside the U.S. Border on Public Lands

  1. Hmmmm, how a bout some gopher hunting? pop them off as they stick their heads out of their tunnels. how about the coyotes? they’re carrion eaters, they attack the weak, feeble, and sick. I figure a year to route out all the vermin will be enough. I’m certain the fetid stench of death in the air will keep the other vermin and potential vermin from occupying the vacancies. Mules, too!

  2. So it is admitted that the US has been invaded not by a foreign Military but a Cartel Military type operation. All the desert training that the US Military has been thru should have them ready to SWEEP the Arizona desert and ELIMINATE these Invaders. In this case I would think POsse Commitatus would be voided.

  3. There are plenty of us here in AZ whose lives have been screwed and we are unemployed and pissed off and we would be happy to go down there and remedy this situation. And I’m sure about 5,000 of us down there shooting anything that’s moving, will put a stop to ALL of this.

    But, we are not “allowed” to protect and secure our country. Just ask that coward Mike ‘I need help down here…but don’t bring your gun’ Nesser. He wouldn’t even protect his own land!

  4. “Cartels Have Settled 80 Miles Inside the U.S. Border on Public Lands”

    Public Lands? You mean “GOVERNMENT LANDS”, since Public Land is now “Government land” and Public Property is now “City Property”.

    So in other words, our criminal government in occupation is allowing them to “settle” in the US and yet people still think the government is FOR the people and knows what’s best for us and has our best interests at heart.


  5. “If they can operate up to this degree, 70 miles north of the border, in law enforcement we call that a clue,” Babeu said…”

    And you only require a few hundred of them to come to an incorrect conclusion.

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