Casey Anthony’s Release from Jail Raises Questions

Casey Anthony was released from the Orange County Jail in Orlando, Florida early Sunday morning and whisked away to an unknown location.  Apparently there are a lot of people who want to kill Ms. Anthony as the government has failed in its effort to do so.

Who did these twelve people making up her jury think they were in refusing to convict her on circumstantial evidence, which was not allowed in our courts just twenty years ago?  How could they have possibly had a doubt as to her guilt when hundreds of thousands of Americans, following her case through the unbiased news sources, are so sure she did it?

Just because some so called expert took the stand and said the exact cause of death could not be determined to be murder how can that possibly weigh against the opinion of hundreds of thousands who watch CSI every week religiously.  Don’t these jurors understand logic?  The government would not have indicted Casey Anthony if she were not guilty.  Would they?

Even Senator Mitch McConnell has used the Casey Anthony acquittal to put forth a very important point in saying we should not allow civilian trials of accused terrorists in US courts because Casey Anthony was acquitted.  Well that makes perfect sense.  Doesn’t it?

Have we turned into a nation wherein the right to a trial by the jury is to be replaced by either military tribunals or trials via public opinion?

I think Casey Anthony should have been allowed to walk out the front door of that jail at high noon and if anyone tried to accost her, they should have been stuffed and cuffed and facing trial themselves.  Casey Anthony was found not guilty by a jury of her peers as outlined in our Constitution.

All these people out there who are mad because the jury did not convict her using circumstantial evidence should find themselves in her predicament.

I am truly sickened by the death of Caylee Anthony but if it could not be found that a murder was committed, a person cannot be convicted of murder.  Remember, if that standard is ever changed, it is changed for all of us.  And better a thousand guilty go free, than one innocent be executed.

If these anti-Casey Anthony psychos have reached the point that they would see their fellow citizens be put to death, not because it was proven they did anything, but because it could have happened the way the prosecution said it did, then they should leave this country and go to somewhere like Russia or China, where an allegation is enough to convict and execute a citizen.

I, like the rest of America, do not know exactly what happened to Caylee Anthony and it is this very fact of not being sure that is the reason for the acquittal.  I have nothing but admiration for this jury for daring to be unpopular in their refusal to convict when they had a doubt.

Every one of you out there waving a sign and shouting “Killer” need to go home and get down on your knees and thank God you live in a country wherein twelve of your fellow citizens can save you from the arbitrary and capricious acts of your government officials.

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