Further NATO Airstrikes in Libya

NATO has launched a new round of airstrikes in Libya targeting Misurata, a major oil port, which makes perfect sense.  When the oil is refined it is then put into tanks, which emit carbon monoxide, which causes cancer, which kills people.  Thus, it is completely logical to bomb oil as a part of our humanitarian mission.

The mainstream media is very excited about the new bombings, saying they may allow the tin anti-government rebels to take control of the oil facilities, which will allow them to sell the oil to procure more money to buy more weapons to kill more people.   Which is okay, at least they will not be dying of carbon monoxide poisoning.

And of course the unreasonable Colonel Gaddafi is vowing to fight to the death and never leave his country, refusing to recognize the legitimate right of the United States and NATO to remove him as the sovereign leader of Libya and replace him with the tin Al Qaeda rebels.

Meanwhile NATO planes also pounded Tripoli, hitting only military targets; two hospitals, a grocery store, and a preschool.  Go team!  By the way, that was a joke, but in all honesty I wouldn’t be surprised.

One of the front line reporters, speaking in reference to the Tripoli bombings, indicated that they were pretty harsh but not on a scale of Shock and Awe.  I actually saw the spittle coming out of his mouth as the blood lust was rising in anticipation of further death to report on.  No, we haven’t quite slaughtered the Libyans on the scale of Iraq but I’m sure we will before it is all over with.

The United States used to be admired around the world for our skills in industry and creation of technology.  Now we have become the number one murderers of women and children.

I often wonder about the leaders in the Middle East in reference to the confusion they must be enduring.  For thirty years we have been coming to them annually and saying, “Here are your billions for not being our enemies.”  They have taken the money and pretended they do not hate our guts for trying to westernize their Islamic societies.

Now in the short space of a couple of years, though they are still accepting the bribe money and holding to their end of the bargain in pretending not to hate us, we are now blowing up their women and children.  I’m sure they all have their contracts out, examining the fine print.

Our government is pretending to be so worried about our credibility around the world when it comes to the debt ceiling while we are literally blowing up people we are bribing to be our friends.  The word insanity keeps popping into my head.

Well I guess we need to get all these countries under the control of Al Qaeda so that we can consolidate our enemy base in the Middle East.  Then when we go to war with Iran and the rest of Al Qaeda joins in against us, we can be precise in making sure we bomb the right women and children.  Because the fact is if you stand a Jew and an Arab side by side in the same clothes, you can’t tell them apart.  Hey, here is a great idea.  We only bomb the Middle East during times of prayer.  Everyone down on their knees pointing east is a legitimate target.  This would make sure that no innocent Israelis were killed.

I know this all sounds a little crazy, but what can you say about a situation that is completely insane?  Where do you find the argument within the insanity to stop it?  You can’t; and if the people in the United States cannot remove themselves from the insanity and see it for what it is, it is never going to stop.

God help us.

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  1. Google Attacks From the Trenches World Report
    From the Trenches is being censored by Google. We were threatened with censorship last week in reference to our attacks on the government and our support of Presidential Candidate Ron Paul. The treats came out of Chicago, Illinois, where it was announced about five months back that internet thugs working for Barack Obama would be attacking his political enemies on the net, using strong arm tactics.
    From the Trenches will be contacting the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Whether the FBI will act in this matter is debatable as Obama is their boss. However we at From the Trenches will construct our own lawsuit to force Google into a federal court in an evidentiary hearing. Again, what affect this will have is unknown as our government has become corrupt throughout.
    From the Trenches is not the first news site to be attacked in such a manner. Infowars and Prison Planet, two of the largest internet news sites in the nation have been removed from Google News, supposedly because their content is opinion. If the mainstream media was examined using this same standard, it would be shown that there is only about five minutes of actual news reporting in a half hour segment. The rest is absolutely opinion and biased towards the owners of these corporate news sites.
    Google has become too big and has indeed become the government’s strong arm on the internet. Big sites like Infowars and Prison Planet can tell Google to piss off and still thrive via their momentum. Smaller sites like From the Trenches are stifled by Google’s deliberate actions. I think they are hell-bent on stopping anymore pro-patriot sites from reaching a level of prominence.
    Anyway, this is not only an attack on our online newspaper, but an attack on your right to diversified information. Google wants to control you through the information it ALLOWS you to see. As I stated earlier we will pursue every legal remedy. And goddamn Google for their treasonous actions. We shall add them to our list of international insurgents who will be punished. And for you at Google reading this, you cannot win because we will not stop and resistance is victory.
    God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia et.al., we the free thinking Americans of the American race will prevail.

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