Chaos engulfs Boston as mainstream media can’t get its cover story straight

BostonNatural News – by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) Boston is now in a state of near-chaos over the Boston marathon bombing investigation. Their story keeps changing, too: first there was a “controlled explosion” planned at the Kennedy Library on the same day as the bombing (Boston Globe), but that was later explained away as a “building fire” that had nothing to do with the bombing.

Then there’s CNN reporting a suspect has been arrested, after which the network was blasted by the FBI for fabricating news. CNN has since retracted its arrest claim.  

Today, the Boston federal courthouse was suddenly evacuated over a “code red” bomb threat, causing chaos to reign over planned press conferences and announcements by the FBI.

CNN deeply engaged in total news fabrication

As part of its total fabrication of fake news surrounding the Boston marathon bombings, CNN has proclaimed an episode of “Family Guy” to somehow be a “hoax” even when the episode actually exists. According to CNN, Paul Joseph Watson’s highlighting of two scenes from the same episode of the Family Guy cartoon — which depicted cell-phone bomb detonations and a character winning the Boston marathon by murdering other runners — is somehow equivalent to a “hoax.”

In addition, the Boston police department claims there was no drill taking place on the day of the bombings, yet we have an interview with a credible eyewitness who describes in great detail the “drills” that were announced over loudspeakers.

The media has also reported there were no additional explosive devices found, yet this recording of police audio sharply contradicts that, revealing the apparent existence of other explosive devices.

Media refuses to acknowledge existence of private military contractors on the scene

But the real story — and perhaps the biggest story of all — has been blown wide open, first by researchers at, and then covered by Anthony Gucciardi, Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones. It reveals that there were private military contractors with backpacks operating at the scene.

Here’s an image of the private military operatives, snapped on the day of the marathon:

As you can see from the above image, these private military operatives are both wearing the exact same uniforms: tan BDUs, tan military boots, dark jackets, communications gear and black backpacks.

But what gets really interesting is when you look at the symbols on the hat one of them is wearing:

This “skull” symbol just happens to be the symbol of a group of military contractors called “The Craft.”

The following picture shows former group member Chris Kyle (who was recently murdered, by the way), sitting with his sniper rifle and wearing the “Craft” hat with the skull symbol:

But an even better look at the symbol comes from the Craft’s own website, where training photos show the symbol with great clarity:

“The Craft” has a reputation of being something like an “elite Blackwater,” and the presence of “Craft” operatives on scene at the Boston marathon bombing is an absolute bombshell of a news story.

Yet the mainstream media absolutely refuses to mention it at all. Ever wonder why?

Because as usual, you are being spoon-fed a cesspool of lies by the mainstream media — an institution of false information that has already decided to make sure the aftermath of this event follows a predetermined outcome of blaming patriots… even if it means fabricating, ignoring or selectively deleting evidence.

Whatever happened to the era when the media’s job was to ask questions? Now that job rests solely with the alternative media — the only institution that still has the integrity to question the official cover stories and get to the bottom of real-world events.

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8 thoughts on “Chaos engulfs Boston as mainstream media can’t get its cover story straight

  1. In my opinion,the court house evacuation was an after thought I’m sure, to make it look like there were several targets when the explosion near the finish line and in the proximity to the stand where Newtown families were, were the only one to make it look like right wing extremists were the culprits and promote fear among the people into giving up more of their rights to feel safe, and ask for a ban on the second amendment. Fat chance. We’ll all feel safe when all the traitors have been tried for treason.

  2. You know this kinda makes me wonder if Chris Kyle knew what was going to happen and did not want to get involved in it or was going to expose the operation, so they mysteriously killed him a few months ago to prevent that from happening.

    What do you guys think?

    1. I think the official story had to be changed because everyone figured out who did it before they revealed their patsy.

  3. It’s the same MO as Sandy Hook and, at best, a major distraction from the economy. TPTB have no imagination and have always followed the same patterns of tyranny.

    Follow history: e.g. The Reign of Terror in France.

    The Reign of Terror (5 September 1793 – 28 July 1794),[1] also known simply as The Terror (French: la Terreur), was a period of violence that occurred after the onset of the French Revolution, incited by conflict between rival political factions…

    TPTB want a revolution, and this is only the beginning of an eminent collision of values between our out-of-control Government and its sovereign citizens. It can no longer be avoided.

    I will suppose that it is only fitting that the first shots of the Second Revolution would be fired in Boston, Massachusetts, on Patriots Day. Lexington is only 10 miles away.

  4. Breaking Boston……get the word out to water town and surrounding areas. Residents on “lockdown” will be “evacuated” to FEMA camps for door to door search. Guns, cash, weapons and ammo will be gone. Preppers will be identified as potential “terrorists”, food rations seized. PETS WILL DIE due to length of owner absence, if ever permitted to leave FEMA camps. Advice: REFUSE TO “EVACUATE”
    In “shootout” how could one (dead) suspect have so many bullet wounds emergency care doc said unable to count number of gunshot wounds while other suspect escaped without a scratch?? Ya gotta ask yourself!

  5. No one’s really surprised to discover that the Zionist media is in the fiction business, are they? This is what they do for a living. Their job is to deceive; NOT inform.

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