Senator to propose bill regulating black powder in wake of Boston Massacre

Black PowderExaminer – by KENNETH SCHORTGEN JR

On April 17, New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg issued a statement to the public that he intends to propose a bill or amendment to regulate black powder, and other forms of explosive components, in the wake of the Boston Marathon Massacre. The bill would demand full Federal background checks of anyone seeking to purchase the minor explosive, similar to recent attempts by Congress to require full background checks on the sale of firearms.  

In the wake of the deadly bombing attacks in Boston, U.S. Senator Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ) today announced that he will reintroduce legislation he has proposed in a prior Congress to require that sales of explosive powder be subject to a background check. He will also file the legislation as an amendment to the gun violence prevention bill currently on the Senate floor. –

Early indications by analysts and observers of the horrific Boston Marathon bombings show that a black powder explosive may have been the primary element in the bombs that killed three people, and injured hundreds of others. The use of black powder explosives are considered small in potency when compared to today’s high tech explosives, and their use has been found to date as far back as 220 BC.

Of the $27.8 Billion spent each year on firearms, ammunition, clothing, reloading equipment, optics, and accessories by the American public, only about 7-8% of all gun owners reload their own ammunition on a regular basis. This means that only a relatively small amount of people purchase black powder explosives each year, and in comparison to other flammable, explosive, and dangerous household products such as fertilizer and gasoline, the singling out of black powder for stricter regulation bears little statistical evidence that its use in criminal activity is widespread.

Politicians are well known for using tragic events for their own political gain, as seen recently by the addition of children as props during speeches and debates over gun control. However, the real issue is not the tool or elements used in the orchestration of a crime, but the person behind that use that should be the focus of any criminal indictment, or legislative regulation. And even as no suspect, nor full analysis of the bombing has taken place since the bombing, Senator Frank Lautenberg is choosing to propose legislation which would regulate black powder, and will potentially hurt a retail product that is part of the $67.8 Billion economic impact that hunting and firearm ownership adds to the nation’s annual GDP.

18 thoughts on “Senator to propose bill regulating black powder in wake of Boston Massacre

  1. I think they stay up late at night trying to think of new gun restrictions they can pass.

    I can make gunpowder in my kitchen, you idiot. It’s easier than cooking dinner.

  2. This article has started out on a false premise. Gunpowder is not an explosive. It cannot be made to detonate. The only way to make something “explode” with gunpowder is to confine it. And a good thing, too. Imagine what it would do to a gun if there was a risk of it detonating. Deflagrating gunpowder, even when confined, is nothing like a real explosion.

  3. You don’t “reload” ammunition with black powder in general terms. One uses smokeless powder unless you are reloading say .45-70’s and such to old specs which are duplicated with standard low-power “smokeless” factory loads in case some fellow want to shoot his old Trapdoor Springfield and not have parts stuck in his face.

    Black powder. 50 Caliber Hawken muzzleloader, anyone?


    1. Hey John,Most folks I know use “smokeless pistol powder” in their “black powder” primitives(there not even so primitive nowdays with scopes and rifleing and speed loads) Its not corrosive and eliminates the need to BATHE your gun after shooting. So could someone PLEASE TELL FATHERLAND SECURITY/DHS(how funny are these stooges) next time try to be a little more AUTHENTIC. Oh yea one other thing that YOU CLOWN SHOES “PROTECTING MEERRRRRRICA need to know a PATRIOT WOULD NEVER EVER EVER waste a PRESSURE COOKER/CANNER on a silly assed bomb as they are toooo valuable in cooking and PRESERVING food and 5 gallon heavy plastic buckets and gallon paint cans are CHEAP,now I understand the gubberment is only capable of DESTROYING and has no clue about PRESERVING FOOD OR AMERICA.It saddens me to think that this GANG OF INCOMPETANT FOOLS has fooled americans up UNTILL NOW.


        1. Hey Digger,You would think the fkn idiots would know at least the basic,its like going to IRAQ AND NOT KNOWING THE LANGUAGE,CUSTOMS ,TRIBES OR ANYTHING ABOUT those waiting to SHOWER YOU WITH CHOCoLATATAS AND ROSES(don the known knowns rumsfeld) never once realizing how innept they are and failing to understand patriots dont kill fellow patriots.

  4. “Where are the BACKGROUND CHECKS on these politicians? Did you read Obama’s book? ILLEGAL DRUG ABUSER with UNRESOLVED MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES.” This

    1. It has been my experience with heavy drugs that drugs bring out that that the drug user dosen`t want the others to know about how the drug user/abuser thinks. When on drugs you have a hard time hideing what the drug user has been trying to hide. That is something that I was taught by some very long term hard core drug rehab, and that is why drugs are so dangerous. Drugs are dangerous because of that reason – people do not like it when their true self gets exposed and they have no control over what they have been trying to hide when useing drugs. Their evil gets exposed when on drugs and the drug user dosen`t like being exposed. Just look at the bushes and the obama`s, they are perfect examples of it. Drugs bring out the honesty of people when people have been trying to hide the dishonesty and they act out violently and with irrational behavior to cover up what they have been trying to hide.

    1. I agree with Steve Apple. Who the F are you and what are you sayin` there. Haven`t seen you here before to be talking that BS crap. so who the F are you, get used to it deal with it or are you just a simple bottom feedin` troll R. Young.You say that, well now then, you make me want to puke. You probobly don`t even know why that is a security question. Maybe you should start up your own site eh R. Young. Get a life eh. We all here love FTTWR and we don`t need criticizing pukes like you, deal with that question. We here all do how about you you feline canine pervert comparing us to your fantasy. Start your own site eh how bout it and then tell us all here about it R. Young!

    1. That mixture just might be fun for them. that would be a logical excuse as to how they think nowdays down there in the WH. After all Grace Slick did bring some of those sugar cubes to the WH for nixon, LOL, no shit. Haven`t done things like that since the 60`s and 70`s but it sure was fun back then.

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