Charlotte, NC police shoot, kill 17-year-old in botched marijuana sting


Police in northeast Charlotte say they were forced to shoot a teenager in a gang-related undercover drug operation. The teen has since died.

[…] Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Chief Rodney Monroe says the shooting involved a marijuana drug deal between an undercover officer, informant and two teenage suspects.  

Jaquaz Walker, 17, shot the informant in the shoulder after he tried to rob him. That’s when police say the undercover officer shot Walker in the head. Walker died at Carolinas Medical Center Tuesday night. Police tell WBTV his family has been notified.

Walker’s mother, Faith Walker, told WBTV’s Steve Crump that her son wasn’t armed when he was shot by police and that she was at the police department Wednesday morning looking for answers.

“Yesterday at the hospital was just awful,” Faith said. “I wasn’t allowed to see my son one time.”

Police say the other suspect — a 15 year old – is still on the loose and they are actively looking for him. They know who he is and are signing warrants for his arrest.

“You know you have 15, 16 year old kids out here wielding firearms, that’s a very dangerous situation,” said Chief Monroe.

The school was placed on lockdown as a precaution. There was staff at the school, but no students as summer vacation started last week.

Chief Monroe defended their decision to conduct the undercover operation at an elementary school, saying at no time were staff inside ever in danger.

“Anytime you conduct an undercover operation, what’s a good location,” he said. ”Whether it’s a shopping mall or neighborhood, there’s no real perfect location.”

Monroe also confirmed the shooting is gang-related and part of larger undercover operation ongoing for several months. But he declined to give more details, saying it may compromise their investigation.

The shooting comes at a time when neighbors say the area was showing signs of improvement after years of battling drugs and gang violence.

“It’s been quiet in this neighborhood, ain’t nothing happened over here, everything been good, it’s always somebody come in the neighborhood and do this, it ain’t nobody in our neighborhood,” said neighborhood resident Johnnie Crank.

No officers were hurt in the shooting.


6 thoughts on “Charlotte, NC police shoot, kill 17-year-old in botched marijuana sting

  1. “No officers were hurt in the shooting.”

    Of course not. They rarely ever are, except for possibly a debilitating hangnail, or a stubbed toe – usually from trying to beat their partner to the last jelly-filled donut.

  2. I hope that that 15 yr old gets away and tells every one that he knows about who that under cover rat pig snitch is…. I think that that under cover low life was about to get fronted out by the 17 yr old that prob. knew that he was a pig and that is probobly why that pig murdered that 17 yr old………. Yea, talk about a gang drug deal, well I guess that the F`in cops know all about those gang related drug deals don`t they the cops are after all are a part of the biggest, most violent drug dealing gangs around – the police and govt. employees are.

  3. Murdered over a few joints of grass. This is why the drug laws are sooooo stupid. this is Charlotte, NC and the Gestapo has nothing better to do? They do but this is easy.

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