Chemtrails on the Campaign Trail

Published on Jun 26, 2014 bym Harold Saive

Kingman Arizona – 6/25/2014: Citizens from Kingman and surrounding communities attended a forum convened by Senator Kelly Ward, MD.

Officials from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) proved poorly prepared to deal with the medical and technical aspects of the complaints repeatedly claiming they had no jurisdiction in FAA matters.

Senator Ward suggested a second meeting would follow. This was a welcome comment by those in attendance.

Although Senator Ward is a physician, not even she could be of any help in assessing citizens’ medical complaints in her designated role as politician.

Citizens ultimately dominated the session with solid testimony establishing that unmarked aircraft have been repeatedly spraying aerosols from unmarked military aircraft while civilian airliners were leaving no trails, even while flying in the same air space as the unmarked jets..

Several lab results revealing high concentrations of toxins were submitted to ADEQ as evidence of contamination.


6 thoughts on “Chemtrails on the Campaign Trail

  1. Excellent presentation and great questions by well informed American Nationals.
    I learned some new things and was reminded of other things.

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