Trump University Sued by LA RAZA (Judge) & FELON (Lawyer)??

PP Simmons

Trump University is getting sued. But who’s suing Trump? A pack of racists and convicted felons – who are friends of Hillary Clinton! Plus, the Judge belongs to racist group LA RAZA! If that’s not shocking, try this: The law firm suing Trump was founded by a convicted FELON who spent 2 years in federal prison! Watch this unfold:  


Judge GONZALO CURIEL presides over the Trump University lawsuit. There’s only one problem. Judge Curiel (allegedly) belongs to the race/hate group, LA RAZA:

This judge belongs to a hate group? Can that be possible? Here’s the LA RAZA Lawyers announcement – they’re honoring the Judge (Gonzalo Curiel):

No wonder Judge Curiel hates Trump — since Trump is trying to stop illegal aliens! Meanwhile, Judge Curiel gives scholarships to ILLEGAL ALIENS because Curiel has no respect for US law.

InfoWars asks Roger Stone about this racist Judge: “Anti-Trump Judge is Hispanic Grand Dragon.”

Donald Trump promises to stop illegal immigration and build a border wall. Might that be a conflict of interest – offending Trump’s racist judge? By giving scholarships to illegal aliens, Judge Curiel puts his own racism above his oath to uphold the law.


But can things get worse than a racist judge? You bet!

WILLIAM LERACH founded the law firm suing Trump University. Who is William Lerach? He’s a disbarred lawyer who got busted for class-action kickback scheme(s) and spent 2 years in federal prison. William Lerach is a convicted FELON:

By “sheer coincidence,” Lerach is a crony of Bill and Hillary Clinton:

Lerach’s firm paid Bill and Hillary Clinton $675,000 in speaking fees:

Lerach’s firm specializes in shaking down corporations:

And today, who is Lerach’s firm trying to destroy? Donald Trump.

Hillary’s cronies attack Donald Trump during this 2016 election season. While Hillary campaigns, her dirty team drags Trump into court – before a racist judge, and lawyers from her buddy’s crooked law firm. That’s a “kangaroo court.”

That picture might look funny, but it’s not funny when the judge hates your skin and he’s working with convicted felons to ruin you:

Racist Judge Curiel won’t recuse himself. Instead, to help Hillary, Judge Curiel keeps sabotaging Trump. Judge Curiel unsealed documents in the Trump case, then suddenly claimed he made a “mistake” and ordered those same documents “resealed!” Why? Because the Judge (and Hillary) wanted those documents leaked to their propaganda wing (also known as the mainstream media):

Bottom line? This lawsuit should be named “TRUMP UNIVERSITY v. LA RAZA & HILLARY’S CROOK.”

2 thoughts on “Trump University Sued by LA RAZA (Judge) & FELON (Lawyer)??

  1. The real ‘puppet master’ here is George Soros and his Open Society Fdn. BTW, La Raza gets public funding.

  2. The MSM has released the “attack dogs” on Trump. Hear about Trump’s dad in the KKK in the late 20’s? Yep, next we’ll hear about “The Donald” stealing candy from a baby! He’s also a nose picker and chronic masturbator! He killed Jesus, don’t cha know!

    This campaign should end all campaigns! Who in the hell would subject themselves to chronic nausea 24/7? It’s just gettin’ started and the mud’s slingin’ by the scoop shovel, piling it higher and deeper, maybe the pile of crap they build will bury them in the end. One can hope.

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