Chicago train crash: At least 33 injured in possibly deliberate crash

Examiner – by Peter Trapasso, September 30, 2013

Chicago train crash [Monday] has left at least 33 people injured in what was possibly deliberate. A train that was not in service hit a full one while it was waiting in a Forest Park CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) station. According to United Press International on Sept. 30, although it was likely a mechanical failure, which caused this accident, they cannot yet rule out that it was done on purpose.  

‘We have no indication at this point that there has been any criminal activity but we are doing a thorough investigation,’ said Chicago Transit Authority spokesman Brian Steele. ‘Everything that is a possibility is being looked at.’

The Chicago train crash today happened when an empty train moving at an estimated 20 miles per hour hit a full one in a station that was waiting. Measures to prevent this situation from occurring had failed. The train had been sitting in a repair yard to be moved to Skokie, Ill., some time outside the rush hour commute.

Robert Kelley, representing the Amalgamated Transit Union, suggested that the Chicago train crash today was caused by someone who started up the empty train.

‘For it to move this morning, someone possibly keyed up the train. I have never seen a train just start up and start moving — ever.’

According to WPIX 11 Chicago, the Blue Line Station remains closed, although service has resumed elsewhere. The area has ben cordoned off and is considered to be a crime scene. Surveillance video is being reviewed and authorities are interviewing witnesses.


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