Chinese Conquest of the USA

In just one hundred short years, the Zionist established Federal Reserve has effectively brought the United States into a condition of international receivership.  Quite an accomplishment considering the fact that the United States is and has always been the richest country on the planet Earth.  And now the repo man is coming to town.

China now has six ports in the United StatesChina has purchased tracks of land across our country, including oil fields and minesChina has purchased a retail deposit bank chain in the United States.  China just purchased the AMC Cinema Chain establishing a foothold for their propaganda in the movie industry.  And now the Chinese government is buying treasury notes directly from the US treasury.  No other foreign government has ever done this in the history of our nation.

We have been looking for an external invasion from China and what we are seeing is an internal invasion.  The Israeli Zionist controlled Federal Reserve prints fiat currency with debt attached.  That debt is levied against the resources of the United States.  The Chinese have been buying up that debt using monies paid to them for loans to the US to make payments on our debt to the Federal Reserve.

This is a game we cannot win.

The first time this country was conquered, the native people allowed the invaders to simply slip in.  The invaders then bought up tracks of land, established ports and banks, and the next thing you know the Indians had traded an entire continent for a boatload of glass beads (their fiat currency of the day).  I say a boatload of glass beads because this is exactly what was used to establish the foothold, and then, working internally, the Indians’ own resources were used to complete the conquest.

This is exactly what is happening right now.  I know what you are going to say.  We already have a country established here.  Well you know what?  So did the Indians.  They had cities and towns, farms and industry.  They just didn’t see it coming until it was too late and we are making the same mistake.

Remember, once these invaders are inside the United States, they can freely arm…and they are.  There are one billion Chinese.  So what happens when they get enough of them here to outnumber us?  I guess we will just have to surrender, saying “We cannot defeat them.  They are more than the blades of grass and the stars in the sky.”

We had better wake up forthwith and see this Chinese threat for what it is and start prosecuting the traitors from within that are facilitating this theft of our country.  This problem is not going away and the longer we wait the worse it gets.  It is time to kick these invaders’ asses out of our country while we still have control over our nuclear weapons, which in reality, are the only thing that have kept the hordes at bay to date.

They have found a way in and it is not enough to just stop the flow.  They must be completely removed.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

3 thoughts on “Chinese Conquest of the USA

  1. Lord Have Mercy, Is this a dream or what. A few years ago I had this intire dream. I guess my dream was actually a warning that I should have spoke out with, but I figured back then everyone would have thought that I was insane, and then laugh it off, but now it looks as tho what was one thing has turned into another. We have to stop this now or face this invasion as if are just going to invite them in. Do we stop them NOW, or just hand them the Keys then walk away? For Me, I think I’ll contact as many Congressman as I can, the the Senators to see how they will respond, or if they will just think I’m Crazy. At least, that would be a good place to start, before I go to the exstream.

  2. The problem is that the next generation of Americans are going to be a bunch of weasels. Weak, and meek minded. They have been dumbed down by the traitors who pathetically call themselves professors and educators. Most of these traitors of the education of our kids, shoull be flogged, then keel hauled. These so called teachers have ruined our kids by teaching them nothing but trash. These kids no longer learn about what made America great. Only the touch of tyranny called Globalism.

    The 40 somethings’ kids now are more concerned with their Facebook friends, and how popular they are. Just what the invaders are banking on. The Chinese population is becoming the same way as well, this could be the “chink” in the amour. (pun intended)

  3. It`s like we don`t care anymore what happen to our country, we know what hussein is doing to this country and no one is doing anything about it. I don`t understand it, what going on ? Our government is just letting China and Russia come in and do what ever they want, hussein is helping them. hussein is living out the dream of his father and no one care. Is everyone brain dead?
    We can kiss America good by because no one want to do anything to save it.

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