Ninth Circuit Judicial Hawaiian Extravaganza

The Ninth Circuit Judicial will be holding a conference August 13th through August 16th of 2012 in Maui, Hawaii.  This lavish get together will cost the US taxpayer half a million dollars.  And why should we complain, as every few months we send Obama and his family on a vacation to Hawaii to the tune of $7 million?

Everyone does realize that, at least in theory, these judges and presidents are supposed to be the people’s employees.  In what business in the private sector do the employees ride around in limousines and jet set around the world while the stock holders live in squalor and deprivation?

Our judicial represents one of the biggest outrageous being committed against we the people.  They conduct their business in lavish buildings accented with marble columns, while the US soldier who puts his or her life on the line lives in a barrack or a tent.  These judicial royals enjoy a standard of living that puts them in the top 1%, while the middle class taxpayer who supports them is just scraping by from paycheck to paycheck.  These judicial elitists have the finest health care the resources of the United States can provide, while thousands of their employers die every day because they cannot afford basic treatments and medications.  And don’t forget about their retirement packages, which insures them their gluttonous standard of living until they day they die.

And what are these all so important government employees giving us for our tax dollar?  Operation gun runner – Blatant in-your-face voter fraud across the board – $32 trillion in theft from the US taxpayer, uninvestigated, unpunished – Illegal aliens pouring into the United States on a scale that can only equate to an invasion – Attacks on foreign sovereign countries that not only violate our Constitution but also international law.  And this is just at the top echelon.

Blatant crime and corruption being committed by government officials at every level is running rampant through our country and the only action we see is our citizenry being beaten in the streets for complaining.  This is the stuff that revolutions are made of.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

One thought on “Ninth Circuit Judicial Hawaiian Extravaganza

  1. “In what business in the private sector do the employees ride around in limousines and jet set around the world while the stock holders live in squalor and deprivation?”

    I tell you what industry: The insurance industry. They gripe about costs going up but my niece works for one of these industries. They’ve got a suite at the Indy 500 track that costs 10s of thousands per day. I don’t waste money like that and then go to my boss and say I need a raise. If I did, he’d call me a fool. But, insurance companies can because they just RAISE THE F#@KING RATES!


    The prices of EVERYTHING is skyrocketing. I’m living on the same salary as I had in 2008. Paying higher taxes and higher prices, yet, these greedy assholes have raised my wife’s insurance rates from $70 a month 12 years ago to $480 a month now. If my wages had gone from $45,000 to $275,000 a year, I wouldn’t complain. But they didn’t. they went from $45,000 to $75,000. …and they didn’t just “go there”. In 2000 I was managing and working with 7 servers and about 600 users. Now I’m dealing with just about 100 servers, a VSPhere cluster and 15,000 users. So, if you figure the responsibility change I’m actually getting paid less than what I was.

    Its no wonder the finances in the world are collapsing. If you do an HONEST days work you get screwed.

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