Obama or Romney, the Lesser of Two Evils?

The mainstream propaganda machine is boldly marching forward with its production of the 2012 general election contest featuring Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.  These sleazing slithering traitors in the mainstream media have completely divorced themselves from the reality that the majority of Americans are looking directly in the eye.

Mitt Romney is not the GOP candidate for president and if he ever is it will be as a result of election fraud so blatant that it would make a Russian blush.  It now appears that these elitist traitors are going to declare their fraudulent count of the delegates as matter of fact in an attempt to ram Mitt Romney down the throats of a population that does not even want him on the same planet as them.

It is being reported that Dr. Paul’s legal defense team has given the go ahead for parties in Oklahoma to go forth with the filing of criminal charges for the election fraud which occurred there and of course not a word about this in the mainstream.  The fact is these elitist meat puppets are going straight to the final act and have begun the process wherein they begin inserting the concept of the lesser of two evils.

It goes like this.  Some two bit, sleazy, tripe eating, scum bag propagandist like Chris Matthews says, “That Mitt Romney is an elitist dirt bag who, as CEO of Bain Capital, dismantled factories in the United States, shipped them overseas, made enormous profits of which he stashed in offshore accounts, to be invested in the further destruction in the little industry left in the United States.”  And you know what? It is the truth.

Then some two bit, sleazy, tripe eating, scum bag propagandist like Bill O’Reilly says, “No, no, Barack Obama is far worse.  He has given billions in stimulus to his Wall Street cohorts who have used the money to build factories in China, India, South Korea, Mexico, and Brazil, which has further facilitated the destruction of the US economy and the loss of US jobs with the intent of destroying the middle class and bringing the US into the one world soviet union as just another slave state.”  And again, of course it is true.

This is how it is supposed to go, back and forth right up until November and the ultimate question, “Which two bit, treasonous scum bag do you want to vote for?”

This is a fact and everyone knows it is a fact.  Of course there is absolutely no way that an honest statesman like Ron Paul can be elected.  And just why is that?  What are these terrible traits that bar him from the contest?

He would end the foreign wars, bring our troops home, end the Federal Reserve monopoly on currency, get rid of the IRS, get rid of the draconian TSA and Homeland Security, get rid of the Patriot Act, Sections 1021 and 1022 of the NDAA, repeal Obama’s Executive Orders for the Emergency Resources Act, repeal the HR 347 Trespass Bill, and restore our Republic under our Constitution.

These are some pretty bad things I realize, but we cannot forget the worst and most forbidden act that Ron Paul would accomplish as president and that is withdrawing foreign aid and military support for Israel and putting the United States government back under the control of we the people rather than the Zionist Israeli government.

All that is left to see is just how long we the people are going to allow a handful of treasonous punks to push us around.  If we allow Dr. Paul to be denied the GOP ticket through blatant wanton and in our faces fraud, we deserve the choice those who will have proven to be our elitist masters have decided to allow us.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

13 thoughts on “Obama or Romney, the Lesser of Two Evils?

  1. It’s been the plan all along to get Obama re-elected. Romney is just the fall guy the elitists have propped up to make it look like a fair election was held. Anyone who believes that Mitt Romney magically gained the adoration and support of many Americans since the 2008 election is a damn fool!

    1. I wouldn’t be that sure…

      Romney does fit the profile of your typical president as well as anyone: Immensely rich, immensely corrupted, touting the party line on all issues, “electable” behavior.

      And Romney is good friends with Netanyahu too.

      And unlike Obama, Romney doesn’t have any Muslim relatives, so he’d probably be much easier to convince to launch a genocide against all Muslims. (Obama doesn’t seem to be bothered by it too much – but so far, the genocide has only been directed at Arabic and Iranian Muslims, not Kenyan Muslims.)

      In 2008, Obama won because he had all the naive people who thought he actually stood for change on his side. They’ve learned what he’s really up to since, and while many might still vote for him as the lesser evil, they won’t be enthusiastic and drag their friends along like last time.

      I wouldn’t be too surprised if they handed the election to Romney.
      I also wouldn’t be too surprised if they didn’t rig the general election results at all this time, given the outcome will be the same either way.

      1. The elitists don’t care, either way, they win and we the people lose. Romney and Obama are two sides of the same coin. There is only one party in this country, it’s been that way for a long, long time.

  2. We, as a nation, keep selecting “the lesser of two evils”.
    Then we act surprised when we learn our entire government is, in fact, now evil.

  3. When will the idiots in this “country” wake up and chuck this entire charade into the storm drain? Those stickers they hand you at the polling places should read “I voted, and I’m an a**hole.”

  4. The construct that’s been accomplished in usa, and many other countries, is a dictatorship without a dictator. The office of potus “is the dictator”. Whatever sleazy front man occupies the office doesn’t make a difference in policies pursued. Some are better salesmen than others, but that’s all they are, salesmen. Big M is right, in that its time to chuck the whole charade.

  5. I’ve been saying all along that Romney is the designated loser, like Kerry was in 2004. If the GOP wanted to win they would run Ron Paul. They just need the election somewhat close so they can fix it to go the way they want.

    Voting for the lesser evil is still voting for evil. Better not to vote at all.

    1. Of course, if Ron Paul were allowed to run by the RNC, he would win. Trouble is, RNC and DNC are the the same organization, and Ron Paul, as great as he appears, is beholden to that organization. I’ve met Ron Paul a couple of times, once at his yearly BBQ, and he comes across as honest, sincere, and the guy who’d you like to have represent/lead you. But, he’s a distraction, just like Ross Perot, who I’ve also met.

    1. sharon,
      Please don’t join the collective cultural insanity. If you do, you’ll just become another victim of the madness. Be well, Rob

  6. Republicans threw the election in 96 with Dole, they may well do it again with Romney. The reason why is that Obama can pass the legislation the neocons want and the brainwashed lemming wing of the democratic party won’t complain because they don’t want to make their man look bad. In effect, Obama is better for the neocons and their agenda because he can enact their plan and receive less flack. Just like Dole would not have been able to bomb Serbia, reform welfare and deregulate wall street.

    Either way this election is a competition to see which party has the most brainwashed lemmings.

    1. You’re right, Jay. The invisible dictator installs the best salesman for the next 4 year plan. You mentioned the bombing of Serbia; that action, by lizards I was paying tribute to, made me too sick to be a useful idiot anymore. Just waiting, until they get around to eliminating me.

  7. Rand Paul says he would run for President if his father is not running for 2012…2016 sounds good. The problem is I wonder how many remember how Rand Paul was taken up in Air Force 1 with President Obama for a private talk?

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