CIA Boots on the Ground in Libya

So the United States is now allowing other countries to take the lead in providing air support to the rebel offenses in Libya.  As I’ve stated before the U.S. is the command structure for NATO and though we are not flying any missions right now, we have already pounded Gaddafi’s forces with everything in our arsenal, short of a daisy cutter or an atomic bomb. 

It is being noted in the reporting coming out of Libya that the so called rebels seem to be acquiring better weaponry with each passing day.  Of course the propaganda we are being fed is indicating that the weaponry must be coming from other sources like France or England as President Obama would never take any such action without first informing our Congress and the American people.

I swear this whole propaganda dog and pony show is becoming laughable.  Once again they are trying to get us to believe statements that contradict one another. 

Last week we found out that old “no boots on the ground” Obama had issued an executive order a week before we started bombing Libya, directing the CIA to put boots on the ground in the form of advisers to the rebels.   No doubt this executive order was only put out as a preemptive measure should the people find out that our CIA in truth had been on the ground for much longer working with Al Qaeda to perpetuate a Libyan civil war.

Anyway, we the people became a little incensed when we found out that Obama was actually lying to us yet again when he stated emphatically that there would be no boots on the ground in Libya just a few days before the executive order for the boots on the ground was revealed.

Now this week the propagandists are coming forth in their lies like none of the aforementioned occurred.  Now it is being asserted that Obama just now ordered CIA operative boots on the ground in to Libya to ascertain just how many of these so called rebels are Al Qaeda and Mujahidin. 

Like I said, laughable or at least it would be if this joke wasn’t costing us millions of dollars every day and the deaths of innocent Libyan civilians.  I guess this scenario could be considered as another good reason to put forth the false illusion of a recovering economy.  (Hey, the unemployment rate has dropped to 8.8% and the stock market is thriving, it looks like we can afford more war.  What the heck, Syria and Yemen are just sitting there begging for it.)

I guess sooner or later while traveling down the road to madness we have inevitably reached a point of insanity wherein the outrageous can only be considered par for the course.  I have to wonder if our creator is going to entertain the insanity defense.

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