City bans ‘God Bless America’ signs

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BARTOW (FOX 13) – It’s a small sign with a big message, but Bartow residents are now being ordered to uproot their “God Bless America” yard signs.

About 300 of the signs were handed out at First Baptist Church of Bartow following a Fourth of July sermon. But three months later, City of Bartow Code Enforcement says the temporary signs have worn out their welcome.  

Residents have three days to pack it up or pay a minimum fine of $25 a day.

“Being a veteran, I felt like I was just kicked in the gut. I couldn’t believe it, that I couldn’t display my love for my nation by putting a sign up that says “God Bless America,” Bartow resident Marcus Seger said Thursday.

Bartow Code Enforcement says its temporary sign ordinance dates back 13 years and already allows for some exceptions.

“They can have those signs out on holidays that are relevant. You can have a temporary sign around Christmas if it’s related to Christmas. Or the 4th of July. The sign ordinance has exceptions for that,” Bartow Code Enforcement Director Gregg Lamb said Thursday.

But others argue that patriotism isn’t limited to one day a year. Their signs will stay put out of principal.

“I personally feel if it were on a city right-of-way, they would have a right to remove it. But this is my yard that I’m paying the taxes on. It’s my right,” said Bartow resident Emmett Purvis.

The little signs have really sparked serious outrage with some Bartow residents. A group plans to be at Monday night’s Bartow City Commission meeting to ask commissioners for an exception to the ordinance.

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6 thoughts on “City bans ‘God Bless America’ signs

  1. “Bartow residents are now being ordered to uproot their “God Bless America” yard signs.”

    Being ordered by whom? No one in any branch of the U.S. government, or any local police forces, has any authority whatsoever to “order” people to stop exercising their first article right to free expression by posting a sign on their property.

    STOP obeying orders. Any right you don’t defend disappears. Push back when you’re “ordered” to do anything. For the sake of our nation and all of our futures, you need to stop being a passive herd animal and stand up for your rights in ALL situations.

  2. When I lived in the Missouri Ozarks, I got so disgusted with the local Bible Thumpers praying for more war and cheering on the ones we had, I put up a 4′ x 8′ piece of plywood that said “Who Would Jesus Torture?”

    Lost track of how many times that sign got vandalized, and it was on my property, about 70 feet from the highway, so they had to make more than an effort.

    But I kept repairing the sign.

  3. What the fella in the article above fails to understand is that since he is paying property tax/rent on his property, his property isn’t his property. The State has claim on it. Don’t believe me? Try not paying it and see how fast they take “his property” away from him.
    On the plus side, the Jehovah’s Witness folks stopped by the other day and gave me a pamphlet that said “All my troubles will soon end.” So I got that going for me.

  4. Enforcing more of their ridiculous penis codes again, I see. I hope God strikes those government bastards down with lightning real quick.

  5. Gotta keep looking for excuse to keep their revenue generator going since we are all bankrupt as it is. Why don’t the people just take over city hall and get it over with.

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