Clippers owner Donald Sterling banned for life by the NBA


NEW YORK (AP) – Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been banned for life by the NBA in response to racist comments the league says he made in a recorded conversation.

Commissioner Adam Silver said he will try to force the controversial owner to sell his franchise. Sterling has also been fined $2.5 million, and Silver made no effort to hide his outrage over the comments.  

“I fully expect to get the support I need from the other NBA owners I need to remove him,” Silver said.

The rebuke, which came three days after the scandal broke, is the harshest penalty ever issued by the league and one of the stiffest punishments ever given to an owner in professional sports. Silver said a league investigation found the NBA’s longest-tenured owner was in fact the person on the audiotapes that were released over the weekend.

“We stand together in condemning Mr. Sterling’s views,” Silver said. “They simply have no place in the NBA.”

Sterling acknowledged he was the man on the tape, Silver said.

Sterling is immediately barred from attending any NBA games or practices, be present at any Clippers office or facility, or participate in any business or player personnel decisions involving the team.

He also cannot participate in any league business going forward. It’s unclear how he will respond, and a lawsuit certainly seems possible.

“This league is far bigger than any one owner, any one coach and any one player,” Silver said.

The fine will be donated to organizations dedicated to anti-discrimination and tolerance efforts that will be jointly selected by the NBA and the Players Association, Silver said.

“This has all happened in three days, and so I am hopeful there will be no long-term damage to the league and to the Clippers organization,” Silver said. “But as I said earlier, I’m outraged so I certainly understand other people’s outrage. This will take some time and appropriate healing will be necessary.”

After the announcement, the Clippers’ website had a simple message: “We are one,” it read.

23 thoughts on “Clippers owner Donald Sterling banned for life by the NBA

  1. Good for the puke! He is just a simple minded arrogant azzhole at best. I am not much into sports but this is the kind of jerk I love to see get the big weenie. 😆 .
    Ya know Angel I saw that article and was gonna post it but then said naw somebody else will 🙂 and you did. Perfect 😆 good article Angel

    1. I wonder what the 5 (actually it’s about 92) white guys in the NBA think about all of this? You can bet they’re scared too death to open their mouths…

  2. Ok I may get attacked for saying this and I hope I don’t offend anyone but lets look and this from another angle. Am I to understand that a business owner who made a comment to a person in private is going to be forced to sell his business that he built and maintained by the Unionn errr cough NBA without any form of trial??? And as a matter of fact who gives a chit what the old man said!! Are we being led to believe that the NBA is a black only sport. White and Black people say worse every day!! Am I the only one asking these questions? No question the guy is a chit head ,but banning him? forcing him to sell a private business??

    1. I agree, no due process and the comment was taken from illegal wire tapping. It would be like the BLM not liking comments made by Bundy over the Constitution so they just up and take his cattle and ranch. I can only see one thing coming out of this. More white flight from every area there is risk.

    2. Absolutely.

      He was obviously set up by the gold digging b*tch he was banging.

      While he is obviously an arrogant, rich asshole, he was speaking to someone in a private conversation.

      But he broke no laws. And, as stated above, millions of people make similar statements every day. It might be repugnant, but it is not unusual or illegal.

      Here’s a perfect example. If you’ve never seen this, it’s a “must watch”.

      “Jewish girl prank calls her parents”

    3. Foe hammer,
      You won’t get attacked by me for your comment. I agree with you. I really don’t give one rats ass about this guy, but like you said, he is a free American and can say what is on his mind. The goal is to stop people from having their own opinion. Every time someone speaks their mind, even in private they are shunned and demonized. That causes everyone else to start falling in line and keeping their thoughts to themselves. What if I say that Jewish banker types are trying to take over the world? Will I be fired and run out of town?
      1984: they are always listening and people are scared to speak their mind.
      The guy is an idiot though.

  3. Life will be grand when they have fit us all into the neat little boxes provided. Where a man is not entitled to his own mind and can only speak what is assigned him so as not to offend anyone! I’m offended that their offended by a man that dare choose who he wants to associate with and or befriend. This is the lowest of the low in politics and political correctness I have yet witnessed.

  4. Perhaps he is “in on it”. Sounds to me as if they are setting us all up for
    that “hate speech” thing. You know, don’t say a thing about the Muslims,
    blacks, etc.

    And a preacher dare not preach what the Word of God says, or off to jail he goes!

    It’s coming, folks……

  5. My Fellow Americans:

    Who’s the hot chick next to him?………….

    Oh,..I’m sorry,.. we’re we talking about something else?

    JD – Must his personal,… squeeze.

      1. Hi Angel,

        Ok,.. thanks.

        Yeah,.. no matter what,.. she’s pretty hot,.. Hmmm,.. now why in the world would she be dating someone who is older than dinosaur shit,…. and looks like the living dead??

        Well,.. I’m sure she’s a nice girl that just kind of sucked hm into a relationship,… of trust!,…. yeah,.. that’s it,… she simply Sucked him into a relationship based on,… trust! (uh-huh,…. sure,…)

        JD – Guess that’s what money can do for you sometimes.

        1. Why is…WAS she dating him? Let’s start out with some facts…

          Sterling Gave Stiviano a 2012 Ferrari, Two Bentleys and a 2013 Range Rover…

          Now I suspect, Mr Sterling was set up. Somebody, probably from the same “tribe” decided, for whatever reason, to take him down, and paid the “gold digger” bitch a handsome sum to take care of business.

          Mission accomplished.

          What I find hypocritical is how these black athletes, and other black celebrities, tore in to Mr Sterling, when they are the ones that aggressively put the moves on this GF of his, and got him speaking his truth in the first place. Where is the “racism” in all of this? Pure propaganda spewed by those who wanted to take him down.

  6. Racism isn’t the problem here. He was not punished in this way because he is racist (nor because he’s a slumlord either). Here is why he was punished. He was punished because he told the truth about apartheid Israel when he claimed (in a video from TMZ) that in Israel blacks (and he meant black JEWS here!) are treated like dogs, and he did indeed tell the truth (they are most Misrahi and Sephardic Jews and they are treated like dogs by the KHAZAR Ashkenazic “Jews” (not as badly as the Palestinians are, but badly nevertheless). Because Sterling told the truth about Talmudic Jewry’s feeling superior to Gentiles and blacks especially (jew or non-Jew), because he told the truth about Israel–THAT IS WHY HE IS PUNISHED! Not because he’s a racist!

  7. Mr. Sterling has had a successful life in his 80 years. Owner of a professional team, he has lot’s of money and a hot girlfriend. He’s in that position because he creates a positive image of himself. He’s been around long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. If Mr. Sterling doesn’t want to be surrounded by or associated with black men that’s his choice. It seemed to work well for him for 80 years. It’s a shame his girlfriend threw him under the bus broadcasting a personal phone call. The American black male has portrayed an image of themselves as gang-sta thugs, rappers who insult woman and want to kill cops, use the N word amongst themselves in every sentence, dress like pimps, and have no manners. I don’t blame Mr. Sterling one bit.

  8. I don’t even watch the NBA anymore. I liked it when Larry Bird and Magic Johnson played. Now I could care less. Stupid comments from the guy and it does sound like he was set up. But to be banned from the league for speech? 2.5 million dollar fine because he said something stupid? That’s crazy.

  9. Im just wondering when music lables are going to drop all of their rap artists and fine them for their racist comments….

  10. I’d still have to put a bag over her head..and probably mine too , just in case her’s fell off

    nice body..butterface

    yeah..set up is what happened here, either he’s in on it..or not..will see what suits he pull out after this..that will tell a lot

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