CNN Fakes Location Report After Brian Williams Discussion

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Editor’s Note: Anderson Cooper admittedly spent two summers in college “interning” for the CIA before he decided, naaah, I wanna go into journalism instead. Just something to keep in mind…
The term “surreal” may not adequately describe the continuing national coverage of the ever-developing Brian Williams saga. Watching the agenda-driven monopoly-conglomerate we call themainstream mediacontinue to discuss one of their own being exposed as a con-artist, sandwiched in between the constant, industry-wide force-feeding of scientifically-designed, establishment/corporate/war propaganda, has been one of the most paradoxical mainstream media moments in recent memory. Especially now that it’s become clear Bill O’Reilly isn’t going to be held to the same standard, despite having been caught doing the same exact thing on multiple occasions throughout the years.

When taking into consideration how slanted the Western world’s national media already is as a whole, however, actually listening to the excuses and attempts to downplay what Williams and O’Reilly have been caught doing becomes difficult over the sheer magnitude of the irony created by the circumstances. Then almost impossible when it strikes you that what you’re witnessing, in this case, are people basically being paid to embellish the embellishments of embellishments and pass it off as news.

While it may be obvious, nonetheless, as to the reason the story has to be covered like any other, once it became unavoidable, if there was ever a situation that epitomizes how disingenuous it is that any of the “approved” national media outlets publicly discuss the Brian Williams charade, in general, it’s what happened on a recent episode of Anderson Cooper’s “AC360°” news program on CNN. Should you have had a reason, or the stomach, to continue watching a channel like CNN after such an experience.

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  1. I seem to possess this uncontrollable desire to “bitch slap” that little weasel boy Anderson Cooper. I want to hear “Nancy boy” cry for his mommy!

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