CNN Predicts Super Tuesday Primaries and Caucuses Using Mystical Powers

The disenfranchisers have gone above and beyond all known realms of election fraud and the mainstream propaganda machine has followed suit, setting down percentage points before the polls closed that had a mere 1% margin of error through the count.  I’ve always wondered how this worked.  You know, like with the unemployment rate wherein 1700 people are polled, after which it is calculated that 3 million decided to stop looking for work.

If you were watching CNN’s election coverage you observed exit polls morph into election results right before your very eyes.  Keep in mind the fact that just a couple of short days ago, the American propagandists were calling the elections in Russia a joke because Putin was announced the winner with only 25% of the vote counted.  Then these same propagandists turn around and call our GOP primary elections before even one vote is counted.  And who was calling these elections over in Russia?  Oh yeah, that would be their propagandists.

At CNN at the crucial moment when they went from exit polls to the actual count, they flashed over to their big screen.  They then went through a series of opinion polls on questions like, “Do you consider Rick Santorum too conservative?”

They flash two or three of these opinion polls, which have nothing to do with the exit polls.  They then push a button and the opinion polls seem to leave the screen and melt in with the 20 votes counted, and viola, we have a projected winner with less than 1% of the vote counted.  And the percentages stay within one percentile, right up until 100% of the votes are counted.

Now would somebody tell me what the hell we are wasting all this money on elections for?  CNN is playing games with us.  I think they knew who was going to win before anybody even started voting.  You see it is all scientific, not like those backward Russians and their old fashioned ballot box stuffing.  No our election fraud is high tech, 21st century, top of the line, like a shot of novocaine in the anus, the voter doesn’t feel a thing as he or she is disenfranchised.

What they are expecting us to believe is that in a given situation, they count ten votes and of that ten votes Romney gets four, Santorum gets three, Gingrich gets two, and Paul gets one.  Now here is where you have to really have faith.  Every ten votes counted thereafter come out with the same numbers, into the tens of thousands.

I titled this article “Mystical Powers” because that is what it has to be, as any other explanation represents a mathematical impossibility.  But then the mainstream propagandists are notorious for making pigs fly.

This fraud has to stop.  It has gone beyond merely disenfranchising us.  We are now being punked, and not just punked, but punked by the biggest bunch of pencil necked wimps to ever draw air.

I guess we continue to vote for Ron Paul and maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to follow Mark Koernke’s advise and go out during every Primary and Caucus and buy a box, case, or pallet of ammunition to let them know our votes are going to be counted, one way or another.  I wonder if these insurgent mobsters can decrease the projectiles coming their way by lying about the number of Constitution-loving patriots of the Republic sending them downrange.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “CNN Predicts Super Tuesday Primaries and Caucuses Using Mystical Powers

  1. We knew this was going to happen, long before Super Tuesday. The sole purpose of keeping Santorum and Gingrich in the race was to attempt to take away votes from Ron Paul. When that failed, they simply went to Soviet-style “caucuses” were they say who you voted for. Romney vs Obama, no matter who wins, we lose!

  2. Henry, you predicted this was gonna happen a year ago, I believed you and agreed, and now it’s happening, bigger than shit ! Those elite assholes are stealing the election from Dr. Paul. Unmitigated voter fraud, and they’re not even trying to hide it. They don’t have to. The American people have been so dumbed down and brainwashed, they don’t even notice or care. I NEVER thought I’d say this, but I’m ashamed to be an American. I can see only one course of action to take, and we both know what that is. A man who has lost everything has nothing to lose. Well guess what , you elite bastards, that’s me.

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