Colchester takes part in Coffee with a Cop Day

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COLCHESTER, Vt. (WCAX) Colchester Police enjoyed their coffee Wednesday morning with members of the community.

The event at the Colchester McDonalds celebrated National Coffee with a Cop Day. The goal was to connect local police departments with their community while sharing a cup of coffee. The event is designed to engage discussions while also letting people meet their police officers. Tom McHugh of Burlington was one of several people who thanked officers for serving their community.  

“I had a brief conversation with them — it was great. I thanked them for the work that they do, as I know it can be a tough job as a police officer and the work they go through,” McHugh said.

“It’s been great to just talk with some folks in the community, and what better way then over a cup of coffee and a muffin,” said Colchester Police Chief Doug Allen.

The nationwide event was held at three McDonald locations in Vermont.

8 thoughts on “Colchester takes part in Coffee with a Cop Day

  1. “I thanked them for the work that they do, as I know it can be a tough job as a police officer and the work they go through,” McHugh said.”

    This is a comment from someone that has NO idea what their Bill of Rights means.

    1. Hi Katie,
      If you watch the short video clip….you will see how they decorated the counter with handcuffs!

      Either No idea about what their Bill of Rights means or just doesn’t care……

      1. Just watched the video. OMG, coffee cups hanging from hand cuffs. This is laughable!

        It is obvious that they are desperate as they try to convince people that cops are really good guys just doing a difficult job. Wake up from that spell!

  2. Tom McHugh was thankful for the meeting at McDonald s.

    He demonstrated it by ordering a second cup for the officer.

    Then poured [ADD McD] the piping hot cup into the officers testicles.

    Roasting the officer’s nuts.

    Giving the coffee an indistinguishable roasted nut officer flavor.

    In which then….

    The officer put him in a choke hold on the ground in the customer kids play pen area.


    Drum roll pulleazzz…

    Suffocated Mr. Tom MacHugh’s with a big Mac and Apple McPie.

  3. mchugh then wiped the blue “creamer” from his certified USGI copsucker hole and looked his zionist strong arm enforcer in the eye for his approval.

    He knew he had done well, and if the enforcer remembered his performance and his willingness to do so, perhaps he could even be afforded some decadent leniency by way of something “less” than complete tyranny and submission in the future?

    Perhaps the boot might even be lifted from his face for 10, maybe even 15 minutes? He might even be able to assist them in ANY way imaginable?

    Yes, that would be his goal.

    That would be enough for mr. mchugh as he sheepishly wiped his groveling chin.

  4. This is why I again have a problem with the so called authority!!!!

    They are trying to KCUF up a good cup of coffee.

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